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Meet Finn

The addition of Finn to our family has been such a sweet gift! Here's how he came to be a Wiley....

Last Tuesday, after I dropped the big kids after school and was driving back home, I started "randomly" praying about our next dog. I really thought it was going to be years away. Because of some different circumstances, we had decided that Gilly was not a good fit for our family and it was better for her to be re-homed. Since then, we were just planning on waiting a few years before looking at another dog. But the kids really missed having a dog and I think we had all really been missing Sookie, our Schnauzer that passed away last year. My prayer on Tuesday was basically just for the Lord to provide a dog for us when the time was right. (Still thinking years away).

Well, within 30 minutes of being home, my dad texted me and said "did you see the FB post I tagged you on?". The post was from a mutual friend that said this: "Anybody want a schnauzer? He was apparently dropped off near our house. He is very sweet and loves people. We already have much bigger dogs and they are not amused at the prospect of having a new brother..."

This was such a coincidence (or not!) since I had just been praying about our next dog!! So I called Kyle to see what he thought, honestly expecting him to say "no" or "not right now". But he didn't! He said it was fine for me to ask for pictures and that he was open to it.

So I sent a FB message and asked for some pictures and said we were interested. Mark got back to me and said they had taken him to the groomer because he had been pretty neglected but would send me pictures that afternoon.

All day I just prayed if this dog was meant to be a Wiley, that it would just work out. I could think of a lot of reasons to say No, but I just kept feeling drawn to this sweet dog.

About 5:00 that afternoon, I received these two pictures:

I thought he was a doll and wanted to meet him. We still hadn't told the kids anything about it in case it didn't work out. They still assumed we were on the three year plan. I checked again with Kyle that he was good with this, and he was. So I went and met him. And fell pretty quickly for him. He is THE SWEETEST DOG EVER. He is so great with people and loves to be a lap dog, but is content to sit and lay beside you. I just knew he was meant to be a Wiley. Next thing I knew, he was sitting next to me on the way home to go meet the rest of the crew.

Kyle and I had tossed some names around and, sticking with the Gilmore theme, Kyle had suggested "Finn". Other names we considered were Danes, Doosey, and Kirk. Finn just felt like a match.

The kids almost didn't know how to react. They were still thinking on the 3 year plan and were just thrilled when I told him we were keeping him. He is so so great with them. They are all helping with taking him outside and playing with him and he loves all of their attention.

I took him to our vet for a check-up. And other than an ear infection, he looks great! She thinks he is about two years old based on his teeth.

(Our friends had taken him to check for a micro chip and done their due diligence to look for owners before looking for a home for him.)

I can't get over how sweet and easy going he is. He fits in so well over here. The only negative thing I have run into is that I don't know if he gets along well with other dogs. That is the only time he barks or growls is if he sees or hears other dogs. 

He has reminded both Kyle and I so much of Sookie. He has VERY similar mannerisms as she did, it's almost creepy. I've even accidentally called him Sookie a few times. It make me so happy though because we loved her so much!

So that's the longer story of how Finn joined our family! We are so excited about him and are enjoying him so much! God answers prayer, yall ;). 

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