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What's In My Bag!

I'm linking up with the Momfessionals blog for a little Show and Tell Tuesday action. Today's post is.... What's in my bag!

For starters.... my bag itself. It is one of my favorite purses or bags ever. I got it from Target last year and I love it so much. Unfortunately, they don't have in in stores or online anymore so I can't tell you how to get your own. 

But isn't she a beauty? I love all the details of the strap and the weaving and the tassel. Also, it's giant so it can hold the whole world. On the way home from Thailand, I used it as my only carry-on and packed my backpack in my suitcase because it was soooo much easier. 

This post actually catches me at a good purse time! I've been keeping it fairly organized since I got home from Thailand. (I won't lie to you.... I did throw away some receipts and trash before I took the picture though...)

So I've got my $2 sunglasses from Target.... big and fat ones, my favorites.

The M&Ms are for rewards for Archer for going potty when we are away from the house.

And of course, #boymom, I've got an action figure and a truck to help keep the two year old occupied when needed. 

The grey polka dot zip pouch is for holding my feminine toiletries .... a girl's gotta be prepared.

My pocket Bible

and I typically have a current book in my bag. Right now I'm reading "Of Mess and Moxie" by Jen Hatmaker.... It's amazing and you should get your own here: (aff link) >>>> Of Mess And Moxie<<<<

In my turquoise and gold zipper pouch I keep a little notebook, pens and headphones.

Yes, I have seasick bands in my purse.... because you never know when you're going to be on the water. Or I just have them in there from when I did a travel agent tour a couple weeks ago on a Carnival Cruise ship. 

I have a Caroline Cobb CD that Fun Jen just sent me that I keep forgetting to put in my car but I'm super excited about. 

And a random pink golf pencil.

And finally, I have my wrist wallet. I love this so much. I got it in Thailand and I don't know how I've ever lived without one. I love it because it can hold all the essentials (cards, id, phone, and an extra set of earphones) so I can just grab it when I don't need the giant bag. 

 Also, not pictured because I'm working on a separate post for this, but I recently started bullet journaling and I've been keeping it in my bag too!More to come about that!

So there you go! That's what's in my bag! 

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