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Archer Lately (Fall 2017)

Meet Archer the official two year old.... because we are for sure in the throws of the twos with this little guy. I thought we might skip them or had even thought, maybe the others broke me in so well that Archer's twos just don't phase me. All lies. He was just a little delayed in his full-blown twos. We have tantrums (mostly related to things he wants that he can't have), and he has opinions. But, I will say that I think I am enjoying it more this time around because for the first time of having a two year old, I don't also have a tiny baby sibling as well.

This has been a really big season for Archer. The first big hurdle we tackled was potty training. I can officially say that Archer is day-trained. He initiates every time he needs to go and stays clean and dry 99% of the time during the day. We need to work on independence and him pulling up and down his undies by himself, and then eventually night training, but I still feel like he's a little ways away from being ready to night train.

The other big change we've had is moving him out of his crib and into a big boy bed. This transition has completely caught be off guard! He has done AWESOME, but it has been very emotional for me. I think this is the very last "baby" item to transition out of and I have just been a wreck about it. While I am so excited about the seasons to come, I really do grieve leaving the tiny baby stages (you can read more about that here).

Archer is LOVING being able to keep up with his brothers more. He thinks they hung the moon and wants to do everything they do. And of course, they adore him right back. Just about every day, I'll catch one of the big siblings snuggling with Archer on the couch reading to him. Talk about a sweet balm to my heart, I just love those sweet moments.

Archer loves trucks and cars and things that go right now. His favorite animal is a lion and he will give a nice hearty "roar" whenever you ask him what a lion says. He says his favorite color is green most days (some days he will randomly change to yellow or white). He has so much fun with Finn.

The other really big update with Archer is how much he is TALKING. He talks non-stop and has new words what feels like every day. It occurred to me the other day that one reason we are seeing a spike in his vocabulary is that most days it is just he and I and he gets my attention while the big kids are in school. So we just talk all day back and forth. I am loving getting to spend this time with him like this.

We are absolutely loving getting to see Archer's sweet personality come out and see how perfectly God crafted him to fit into our family and be our little caboose. What a pleasure it is to be his Mom!

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