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Christmas Gift Guide For 8-10 Year Old Girls

For some reason, I hit a little bit of a wall when it came to Christmas gift ideas for Laura Kate this year. It seems to be kind of an in between age where she's started to outgrow dolls and babies but still enjoys playing. So I started doing some research and came up with some awesome ideas for gifts specifically for the 8-10 year girl range. Hopefully this will help some of you other girl mamas out there too!

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You can read a little bit more about how we do Christmas here, but know that we always get our kids books for Christmas. These are some of both LK and my favorite recommendations as of late:


Jewelry Making and Craft kits are a biiiig hit with this age. These are a few of our favorites:

Science/Experiment Kits

Laura Kate loooves experiments. And if it involves something girly like lip gloss, even better. These are some of our favorite Science or experiment kits....


These are still a hit around here (much to my dismay of finding tiny pieces everywhere). I think LK is in a sweet spot of being able to put the sets together by herself without a lot of help or direction needed from us. These are some of our favorite lego/megablocks sets:


We tend to keep electronics to a minimum for the most part, but there are some really fun toys for this age. LK is actually getting a couple different electronics this year (they may or may not be on this list ;) ).

What would you add to this list? Anything look fun for a girl in your life?

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