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Fischer Lately (Fall 2017)

How cute is this little squish? He is such a charmer right now and I am just head over heals for him. This age with Fischer is one of my favorites ever. He is so funny, smart, and mischievous.

He loves Kindergarten so much, maybe even more than his older siblings did (which is high praise). He is so excited to be a "big kid" now.

He loves to learn and loooooves to read. He has just completely taken off with reading and at least attempts to read every word he comes in contact with. Similar to LK, he has the intuitive quality when it comes to reading learning words. He can read words that were never taught to him. It's really amazing to watch and be a part of with him.

Socially he is friends with everyone he meets. He sits by someone new frequently at lunch and will tell me all about their conversation. He is so observant and drawn to people. He can tell me about each kid's day in his class.

I was CERTAIN Fischer was going to be a little bit more of a trouble maker in school than his siblings. I was worried he would be bored and because of his bent towards mischief I thought he would march himself right into trouble. But he has just completely surprised me with how much of a pleaser her has turned out to be. Probably because.....

Fischer is absolutely, completely, head over heels for his teacher this year. She is a rockstar teacher, and he is just smitten. One day before school he had an utter meltdown before we left where he was snotty sobbing. Once I could finally get him to tell me what was wrong he told me that he thought his eyebrows made him look mean and scary and he was afraid Mrs. Howard was going to think that he was mad at her. Bless his sweet little heart, I almost started crying too! I finally got him in the car, but I had to walk him into school, while he was still just crying and crying. When we got to the entryway to his hallway he just completely plopped down on the ground crying and refusing to go any farther. Another teacher in the hall went and got his teacher. Eventually she just had to pry him off of me and carry all 51 pounds of him down the hall into class. I checked on him later and she said he just needed to snuggle for a few minutes and then was fine!

He also has been making these declarative, epiphany-like statements randomly throughout the day. One day when he was drawing he just declared... "Robots don't have noses". And speaking of drawing, it is his absolute favorite thing right now. He could draw for hours. I love that he fills the whole page of a white sheet of paper with details and colors.

The biggest challenge I face parenting Fischer is his stubbornness. It is something that for no good reason sometimes just comes out of him. This is not something that I personally struggle with so I'm having to learn the best strategies to manage this in him. In addition to that we are still working on the whining and tattling, but I feel like that's pretty par for the course when it comes to this age. As it turns out, I HAVE dealt with those things before!

I am so so grateful that God gave me Fischer. I learn so much by being his mother and he adds so much joy to our family!

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