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9 Ways To Teach Kids Bravery

by Natasha Combs at Let's Be Brave....

We value being brave so highly around here.  We believe being brave is the basis for so many other important things we want to teach our kids - kindness, compassion, love as a verb.  Things that can be unpopular or uncool at times, we want our kids to be brave enough to be and do those things anyway.  It takes bravery to stand up for someone being picked on at school.  It takes bravery to be kind to someone who isn't kind to you.  It takes bravery to voice an unpopular opinion.  We want our kids to be people who do what is right, even though it's not always easy.  We want our kids to be BRAVE.  Here are the ways we teach our kids bravery.  Click Here To Read More

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