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To The Woman In The Middle

To the Woman in the Middle.....

the one who feels like she is "just fine" at everything and excellent at nothing....

     I see you. I am you.

To the woman struggling with the balance of life, and feeling defeated by the battle of people vs. tasks...

     I get you. I feel it too.

To the woman modeling a happy heart for the two year old or continually reminding the nine year old to speak with kindness....

     I hear you. I'm with you.

To the woman who is lonely. Who realizes the toll of adulthood is long-lasting and longs for the deep relationships to journey with you...

    I know you. I long for that too.

To the woman who has been hurt and wants so badly to move past it, but it keeps stealing your energy.....

    I hurt with you. I want to move on too.


To all of us, here is what I know to be true:

Jesus tells us in His word that His grace is sufficient for us.

Sufficient: Enough. He is enough for us. 

     He calls us to find our worth and excellence in Him and it will be enough.

     He commands us to love people and to serve them as if we were serving Him. And when we do that, our perspective of Him in His rightful place will balance things out. He is enough.

     He encourages us to raise our children by HIS standards and that HE is enough for THEM. Mamas too.

     He promises to be near to the brokenhearted and continually offers a relationship that is more than enough for us.

     He tells us that He will fight for us against an enemy who continually whispers lies and reminds us of our past. He reminds us of a future filled with the best thing: more of Him. And guess what? It's enough.

Grace. Unearned favor from the Lord that He gives freely to His people. Because He is able to and He delights in giving us gifts. This grace, this gift, is available for the taking and there is a never-ending supply of it for you and me and the woman in the middle.

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