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What To Do When Your Child Is Afraid Of The Dark

Childhood fear is something that is so common and I think could even be considered developmentally common for most children. For my kids the age of onset is around 4, though a couple of mine it started earlier. This week, the BFBN are discussing this topic, each taking a different look at how to parent children well in this area and help our children manage their fear and anxiety.

Today, Valerie is sharing some really helpful ideas for what to do when your child is afraid of the dark.

We all have fears. Even we adults, who are rational and experienced people, have fears. Sometimes we adults have fear of the dark. When my husband is out of town, suddenly my dark house seems very scary! If I, as an adult, can be scared sometimes, it isn't surprising that children are also at times scared of the dark.

Fears can be a normal part of development. As children get older and have imaginations, they can be scared of the dark. As you approach the situation when your child is afraid of the dark, try to remain patient and understanding. Remember that sometimes you are afraid of the unknown also and also that fear is a normal thing. Here are some ways to help your child when she is scared of the dark. Click Here To Read More>>>


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