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5 Winter Hair Care Tips

Cold weather during the winter can be harsh on your hair and dry it out, causing split ends and breakage.  This can be avoided by taking some precautionary measures and using products to keep your hair moisturized.

1. Shampoo less

Try not to wash your hair too often.  Aim for 2-3 times a week.  Excessive washing strips the natural oils from your hair, which keep it moisturized and protected.  If needed, use dry shampoo in between washings to keep your hair from looking oily.

2. Moisturize

Invest in a good oil (argan, moroccan, jojoba, olive, coconut) that you can use to moisturize, repair, and protect your hair, and also make it look shiny and smooth!

3. Deep condition

Deep conditioning your hair once a week will help lock in moisture and fight against brittleness, dryness, and split ends.  You can purchase a hair mask or go the natural route (my preference) and use some coconut oil in warm water or an avocado.

4. Cover your hair

Wearing hats, beanies, and hoods will protect your hair from the damage that freezing temperatures can do to it.  It's also a good idea to put your hair up in a bun or braid.

5. Lay off the heat

Minimize how much you use a hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, etc.  The heat can be damaging to your hair and dry it out, which is the last thing you need when it's already so dry outside.
Follow these tips and your hair will be silky smooth and moisturized throughout the winter months!

Natasha is a work-at-home lawyer and mama to 4 kids acquired through adoption and IVF - Laurel (7), Bennett (5), Christopher (2), and Everly (7 months).  She blogs at Let's Be Brave.

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