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My Favorite Book of 2017

One of my favorite things from 2017 is starting my monthly book stacks. The whole thing started because I kept asking the same question all the time... "what should I read?" A common misconception has been that my goal is to read every book in the stack, and while that would be awesome, that's not the point of the stack for me! I like having options to turn to so I started making stacks. Reading is my down time and how I relax. I love the smell of books, the feel of books and the way I decompress automatically at the site of thick stack of books. Some months I kept the same books in the stack, some months I didn't finish any of the books in the stack. Any book that looks interesting can qualify in most genres. I just decided that I can make my own rules about it because it's my happy place. Also because I'm a grown up and am not reading for a class or because someone else told me to. I do it for enjoyment and personal growth.

If you missed any of my stacks for 2017, you can find them here: 2017 Book Stacks.

Here's a list of the books I actually did read this year (all link are affiliate links):

This list does not include re-reads, which there were many. 

Narrowing it down was actually not difficult for me. There was one clear favorite for me, hands down.....

This book is so well-written, so moving, it has HAUNTED me since I read it. If you've never read it, you should add it to your own stack this year. 

Be sure and check back on the first Friday of every month for that month's book stack, and if you've ever got a suggestion for me, I'm ALWAYS open to new ones so leave a comment or send me an email! 

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