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Praying Proverbs 31 For Your Daughter

The other night, I was praying for Laura Kate and looked up this post because I think it is a powerful thing to pray over a daughter. The post itself needed some reformatting to this blog (it was written on an older blog of mine), so I just decided to republish it. I hope it is something you find helpful as you pray specific things over your daughters! 

1. Pray that if the Lord so wills, she would have a husband and children one day.

2. Pray for her character. That it would be noble and worthy of her husband’s confidence in her. Pray that her intent towards her husband and children would be for their good. Pray against selfishness. (v. 10-12)

3. Pray that she would be a willing and eager hard worker. Pray against laziness. (v.13-14, 17)

4. Pray that she would seek her rest and energy from the Lord. That she would be willing to sacrifice for her household. (v.15)

5. Pray for clear thinking that she would think and act wisely when it comes to making decisions for her family. Pray against impulsiveness. (v16).

6. Pray that she would see the value in her living out the role the Lord has called her to, and that would encourage her in her work and sacrifices. (v.18)

7. Pray that the Lord would give her a heart of compassion and hospitality. Pray against indifference and any form of animosity. (v.20)

8. Pray against a spirit of fear and anxiety. Pray that she would be diligent to think ahead to the coming seasons and would prepare accordingly. (v.21) Pray that she would not fear the future. (v.25)

9. Pray that she would be creative and thrifty in helping support her household and making a house a home. (v.24)

10. Pray that she would be a woman of strength and dignity. That she would find her strength in the Lord, not her own power. Pray against immorality and indecency. (v.25)

11. Pray that she would speak with wisdom and would instruct others in the faithfulness of the Lord. (v. 26).

12. Pray that she would be a good steward and manager of all the Lord has given her. Pray she would be able to take stock and know that her household is in order. Pray against idleness. (v. 27)

13. Pray that she would not put her hope in things of this world like beauty, charm, and things, but that she would only and always fear and respect the Lord. (v. 30).


  1. Beautiful prayer for daughters and granddaughters. And the photos? Priceless!!!