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Spring Break 2018 (Part 1)

Our Spring Break started with Easter this year! We celebrated with our church family and enjoyed having our big kids in worship with us! After church we went to my parents house for a wonderful Easter lunch with Aunt Deb and Uncle Tommy and UT's mom Carol. We had an egg hunt and then another egg hunt with my parent's across the street neighbors. It was such a fun day. 

On Monday we hit the road for our Spring Break Trip... first stop was Atlanta for a Braves Game! Except we hit some car trouble so our first stop was actually Fort Deposit, Alabama. I was asleep and woke up to some really terrible sounds coming from our car. We ended up getting towed from the highway to the closest town which just happened to be Fort Deposit. We were really concerned it was something detrimental to the engine based on the sounds it was making but it ended up being fairly minor and something to do with spark plugs and coils and such. They fixed us up really well and were so very kind to us! Highly recommend Randy's towing and garage service if you are ever in that area! Very fair pricing and over and above service for us.

I was so proud of the kids all morning. They had great attitudes, played in the shop and I had thankfully charged the tablet ;). 

The garage was next to a Dollar General so we had a little picnic lunch outside! 

Originally we were going to go straight to my brother's house and then head to the game with them, but because we lost so much time with the car trouble, we headed straight to the stadium.

Suntrust Park, the new Braves stadium, is AWESOME. They have made considerable effort to make it family friendly. Outside the stadium they have a shopping, eating, activity area called the Battery. We stopped for so dinner there and it was delicious and fun! They had clips from old Braves games playing on the TV's which I love!

We met up with Joel and Ashley and the boys and the kids wasted no time in having a dance party. 

Now, I have grown up a Braves fan my whole life, and especially with having lived in Atlanta for a little bit when I was younger. They just happened to be playing the Nationals, which is the team Kyle (randomly) routes for. (For the record, we are also Rangers fans because we lived in Dallas and root root root for the home team....). 

At the beginning of the game, only LK was with me in the Braves cheering section. The boys just wanted to be like Daddy. But by the end of the night I have all 3 boys chopping for the Braves! even though we lost.... womp womp....

After the game we went back to Joel and Ashley's to spend the night. We got the kids down and then Ashley and I stayed up late catching up which was just so nice and good for my heart! I love being friends with family so much. 

So while we had a rocky start to our trip, we made the most of it with an adventure and had the best time at the baseball game!!

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  1. Wow! A Braves game! Y'all were right in our backyard when you were here in Atlanta, Carrie; we live in Kennesaw. And can you believe, I've yet to attend a Braves game in the new stadium??? Oh, well, maybe some day.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your spring break adventures. I've done a spring break series on my blog, too! https://marthaorlando.blogspot.com