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Wiley's 2018 Baseball Season!

This ball season, LK, Shepherd, and Fischer are all three playing! We play with a local church league close to our house (it's actually where the boys have gone to preschool). All games are on Saturday mornings and all the playing fields take place in one giant field divided up into smaller fields. Because of this, it makes it doable to watch all three of them play!

Laura Kate is playing softball for the first time ever, and yall, I swear we have a natural hitter on our hands! I am honestly so surprised. Sports and physical activities have never been her strong suit and I was prepared for this to be a good learning experience in dealing with frustrations. And there has been some of that (especially with fielding and catching the ball), but she has surprised us all with her natural hitting abilities. She is LOVING being part of a team and is just overall really enjoying the experience.

Shepherd is playing coach pitch, and speaking of the coach, he's pretty cute if you ask me! Kyle was originally not going to coach this season, but they were in need of coaches so he made the last minute decision to coach with the caveat that they not be the Yankees. So the Nationals it is! Shepherd is doing a good job of continuing his skills from his previous years' experience and continues to throw and bat left-handed, even though he writes right-handed. We have tried several times to have him throw right and he says it feels to weird, so a lefty he is!

Fischer Knox, yall. If there is ever a cuter boy in baseball pants I would beg to differ. He is loving playing tball, and to be honest, I think he loves the attention the most. He hams it up on the field whenever he knows we are watching. Like his siblings, he likes hitting the most and genuinely loves being around his teammates.

And then my little helper. He likes to wear his baseball pants to the games and run the bases after the games :). He loves cheering for his siblings and really really wants to be old enough to play himself.

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  1. I remember those days, Carrie! Both my son and daughter played in a Christian league and absolutely loved it. I wish I had a nickel for all the hours I spent sitting on bleachers - lol!