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Easter 2020

Easter this year will be one we never ever forget. For many reasons. 

Obviously, the pandemic changed so many things about what is typical for our family's holiday traditions. I still tried my best to do what I could to make it special for the kids including getting a new outfit! I was able to find something cute for the kids from Old Navy and then found a new dress and shirt for Kyle and I at Target. 

Since the barber shops are closed, we had to have haircuts at home for the boys! Thankfully, I had a set of clippers at home from the season of life when the boys would thrash about and scream in public anytime I would try and take them to get a haircut. 

We had a photo shoot at home. I asked one our friends and neighbors (THANK YOU ASHLEY!!) to help us snap some family pictures and then I took some of the kids as well. 

Laura Kate and I decided to have an "Easter Spa" complete with face masks and finger nail painting. I had a refreshing clay mask and LK had a pink holographic mask. It was really fun. 

For the kids easter baskets this year, I got the big kids these fun "Paint by Sticker" books and they have been a huge hit! I wanted them to have something that would be a fun activity that they could work on during the day that wasn't screen time. 

We got this fun book for Fischer: The Original
Here is the one we got for Shepherd: Under the Sea
And here is the one we got for LK (the glitter stickers were so cute!): Unicorns and Magic

For Archer, I got this Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker book. He has LOVED it!!!!

The kids also got these swim goggles in their baskets! 

The best part of the weekend, by far was our Church Easter service. This year we planned to have Drive-In Services. While we are still under a stay-at-home order, the Governor made specific allowances for drive-in services with certain conditions. The main one being that people had to remain in their cars. 

We had a main stage and 2 large screens, one for the front and one for the back parking lots. The tech team worked tirelessly preparing all of the necessary equipment including an FM transmitter on top of the building and everything needed to be able to record the service to be able to stream on Sunday for those who chose to stay at home.

The other main concern we had was the weather. It was predicted to be terrible weather for the weekend. Sunday called for thunderstorms and tornadoes. Several other churches in town had planned to have drive-in services and ended up having to cancel or move their service times. We decided to keep ours as planned on Saturday night and Sunday morning -- and the weather held up!!!

As a staff member, I attended all 3 services and helped to "Greet" by waving and directing cars as the pulled into the parking lot. I don't think I have ever been so giddy just to see people in my entire life. I was basically dancing in the parking lot. 

Kyle and the kids attended the first Sunday morning service and my parents attended the Saturday evening service. My mom and I high-fived through the window. It was so good to see them and also hard because we miss getting to see each other and hug so much. But it's really important that she stay safe because she is in the high-risk category. 

Over all three services, we had 78 people make decisions for Salvation and over 601 cars attended! It was such a wonderful time and God was truly glorified. I will never forget how He moved in spite of circumstances. 

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  1. Fantastic photos, Carrie, and a joyous Easter after all! Blessings to you and yours!