Shepherd 29 Weeks!

We got to see our boy on Monday! Everything looked like it should. His measurements show that he is weighing 3lbs 9oz already! (average for this point is 2.5 lbs). Looks like he will be a big boy. Unfortunately, that does not change my due date.....still looking at March 11th.

Keep praying for our boy!
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Potty Training - Day Two

......went a lot better than day one.

Here's why...
-I woke up early and spent time with the Lord before I got the girl up
-I changed my perspective and goals. I realized this is a lifestyle change. I know one day there will be more success stories than accidents and that accidents are part of the training.
-I realized this is one more way I can love my girl by helping her learn to grow

Here's the highlight of the day...
-The day started and ended with success!! (tomorrow we will work on the in-between)

Here's to day Three!

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Potty Training - Day One

......was exhausting

Here's the Highlight of the Day:
-LK went poopoo once on the potty today

Here's what I've learned today:
-LK teetee's every 2-2.5 hours
-LK will go teetee on the potty ONLY when she decides she wants to
-LK is not going to be the child who is potty trained in a day, it's going to take a while

Here what I'm unsure of:
-Whether to use the big potty(w/little seat fitted on) or the little potty (I let her pick one, neither had success)
-Whether to use cotton training panties or pull-ups (today we used panties except during nap/bedtime)

Here's what I need advice for:
-She would sit on the potty for up 15/20 mins sometimes and not go. So we'd put the panties back on and set the timer to try again in 10 mins. Within 5 mins of being off the potty she would go in her panties. How do I fix this???

Here's to day two......(encouragement gladly accepted)

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Laura Kate didn't want us taking a picture without her....

We got one though!

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