Pimp My Ultrasound

This iphone app cracks me up.

Shepherd has been very busy lately.

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He is the Giver of Life

I love this song.

It reminds me of the Lord's faithfulness through a tough season.

It reminds me that He alone saves.

It reminds me that He REDEEMS.

It reminds me that His love goes further.

Mostly, it reminds me that HE ALONE is the giver of life.

Of my life.

Of my Laura Kate's life.

Of the little life growing inside of me.

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Just for the Record....

In case I ever accidentally entertained any thoughts of using cloth diapers ever....I am sending those accidental thoughts back to never-never-land.

Potty training, aka cleaning poopy underwear, has solidified my stance on using disposable diapers (preferably Target brand).

I like throwing poop away. (you can quote me on that).
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Coming Along!

Things are happening in my boys room! Here are some pictures of the progress!

This is the view from the door
(I don't know what the weird light orb is to the left of the curtains)
My aunt made the bed skirt for me! Thanks Aunt Deb!

I finished this canvas today!
The verse is Psalm 28:8-9

This is a picture that used to hang in my office at TPCC.
I think this works nice in the nursery.

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Cry Me a River.....

I don't mean to sound sarcastic by that title....only that my child has literally cried a river this week. She has whined and cried and cried and cried for a week now. At first I thought she just wasn't feeling well after being sick last week. Then, I thought it was just her being a two-year old. Then I was seriously concerned that something was wrong medically. So we took her to the doctor yesterday. $25, one cup of pee, a lollipop and sticker later and there is nothing wrong with her.

After being pulled out of a bible study at church last night for the first time since she was 3 months old because she was still crying after having dropped her off, I began to think this is an emotional stage she is going through (besides the general being a sinner part of it).

I think the combo of baby Shepherd coming and potty training is overloading her emotionally. Oh, and maybe the part of me being lazy about her routine. (Turns out I'm a sinner too).

Sooooo, starting today, I am working on being more disciplined with her routine especially focusing on her having independent play time and more focused time from me.

Any suggestions? Ideas? We've never really had to deal with separation anxiety with her before. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions gladly appreciated (especially from those of you who have added a new baby to a toddler's world).


So sometime this weekend, my sweet happy girl returned back to normal. I don't know if she just had a bad week, if immediately focusing on a routine helped jump her back to reality or what? Thankful.
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Laura Kate helped me with a project for Shepherd's room today. I have 3 picture frames that need to be filled and I thought it would be fun to have her paint some pictures for her brother's room. She, of course, loved it and did a fabulous job.

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Something Old....

So, we've been working in the nursery and it is slowly coming along. One of the things we've been working on is the changing table.

When Cass and I were born, my Grandpaw made a changing table modeled after one he found in Sears and Robucks catelog. My parents used it for us and my brother and then my aunt used it for both of my cousins. We inherited it for Laura Kate....here's what it looked like in her nursery.

So my sweet husband spray-painted it black for me so it would match Shep's nursery! I love it in black!

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Potty Training - Day Three, Four, and Five

Day Three
... the day of the tee tee and the day of the meltdown

Here's the good news....
-She went in the potty just as much as she had accidents

Here's the dirty news....
-I had to wash the 6 training panties we have twice
-My girl got frustrated. And we had a major meltdown....major. We had to take a little break, put on the pull-up (just as much because I was out of training panties as much as she was D.O.N.E. for the day), and have a little loving time not centered around the potty.

Day Four
... a new day. A good day.

Here's the highlight of the WEEK....
-LK only had TWO accidents all day....so so proud of my girl!!

and then.....

Day Five
... is she ever going to pee??

Here's the reason for the question....
-We spent a lot of time on the potty, and only one major accident, but she did not teetee in the potty all day! I think she went in the pull-up right before we got her up in the morning, and after her nap, and in the bath.
-I also think she is learning to hold it....

SOOOO, we keep on keeping on. I understand why a lot of people try and give up. This is hard stuff for everyone in the family. I mean, who says people have to be potty trained? Unfortunately, that's not a choice. So we aren't giving up. We will keep it up.

***By the way, the ONLY reason I am blogging all of this is to keep a record so I can look back on it. This is probably the last PT post.
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