Dear Laura Kate (3 Years)


My sweet girl,

Today, my beautiful and brilliant girl, you turn 3 years old. It is so hard for me to believe. The past year with you has been one of the greatest and hardest years of my life. I love being your mom every single second of every day. You teach me more things than I teach you. Some of my favorite things about you are:

  • You have a heart that cares about every person in the room. You are sensitive to the emotions of everyone. If we laugh, you laugh. If we cry, you cry. You want to make sure everyone is not just ok, but happy. My prayer is that as you grow up, you will develop this sweet gift of mercy and that it would translate into a deep passion of petitioning the father for the hearts of those you love. I pray that this would not translate to a fear of man.
  • You delight in attention from your daddy. Your favorite part of the day is when he walks in the door. You laugh with him, play with him, color with him, and my personal favorite, you even convince him to have tea parties with you. My prayer is that you will recognize the blessing you have in your daddy, who every day seeks to show you the ways of your heavenly daddy.
  • You love to create. Markers, crayons, paint, play-doh, pencils, pens, scissors, glue, glitter, cameras, you name it and you create it. My prayer is that you never lose this ability to see beauty from nothing and that in everything you create, you will remember and know the original creator.
  • You love to make people laugh. And it's not that difficult. You are the funniest kid I have ever known. I laugh at least ten times a day at something you say or do. My prayer is that the Lord would use you to bring smiles and laughter to the hearts of people for your entire life.
If I could use one word to describe you, it is JOY. You bring joy, you are joy, you live joy. What an honor it is to experience the intensity of the joy that comes with being your mother. Happy Birthday, my little sassy pants. There is not a more loved little girl in the entire world.

Pictures from LK's Birthday Party!

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Dear Shepherd (2 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

You literally have grown before my very eyes. Every day this month you have added a little bit more chunk and a few more rolls. My favorite thing you've added is that sweet grin on those kissable cheeks. Here what else:

  • You weigh 13 lbs 14oz and are 23.8 inches long
  • Mommy really wants you to be on a 3 hour eating schedule but you are still pushing for 2.5
  • You finally have exceeded 4 hours sleeping at night (most nights you sleep 4.5 - 5)
  • You go down great for your naps without crying, but somehow you have discovered our not-so-great friend the 45 minute intruder and wake up every 45 minutes
  • You went on your first road trip to Lubbock and did extremely well considering we packed and left in 30 minutes.
  • Your favorite wake-time activity is to watch your friends on your mobile
  • You grin and coo and grin and coo
  • We love you more and more every day

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The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Our little princess, Sassy Pants, has been quite a character lately. After dealing with an emergency trip to Lubbock and back and still adjusting to life as a big saster, the emotions have been flying!

At the littlest things the crying starts....and gos on and on. Sometimes she runs down the halls crying "The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling!" (ok maybe not, but you get the idea of the level of drama we are dealing with here.)

Because of this, I've discovered a trick.

I don't know why I didn't discover this sooner.

I blame the mushy mommy brain.

Here's the trick: When she starts crying like this, I tell her "Laura Kate, I'm sorry you are so sad. If you need to cry please go to your bed and cry as long as you'd like and when you are finished you can come out and have a happy heart."

Soooo......she does it! She runs down the hall crying and crying (the sky is falling! the sky is falling!) and goes to her bed and cries her little eyes out. We're talking wailing and gnashing of teeth. And then a few minutes later, she emerges with a big grin on her face and declares "I'm a happy girl now mommy!".

It has yet to fail me.

My other new trick is the "brother is sleeeeping sign" (you like the name? creative huh?)

Somehow little Sassy-pants seems to forget her inside voice when brother is sleeping even if I told her mere seconds I made a sign.

The front is blue and looks like this:

The back is green and looks like this:

We hang it in the hall so she has a visual reminder of when brother is sleeping. It hasn't worked as well as the crying trick but she loves it and it does help her to see when brother is sleeping.

Stay tuned for Shep's 2 month post on Monday and LK's 3 yr old post on Thursday!!!
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