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Disney World 2015 {Day 2}

Day 2 was our first park day. We went to Magic Kingdom and primarily stayed in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

We got up really early to get MK before rope drop. The shirts I made for the day were Peter Pan for the guys and mine and LK's were Tink. They all say "2ND STAR TO THE RIGHT AND STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING"

Fischer chose not to participate in most of the photos. He was genuinely scared of most of the character interactions (except Mickey... stay tuned for Day 5!) and he was authentically a full on threenager the rest of the time. I decided not to push it in order to avoid meltdowns. I wanted him to experience the magic in his own little ways.

We chose to drive our own car instead of taking the bus. I researched a lot about it and the consensus was that if you go EARLY you can be a little bit faster if you drive. Parking for MK is at the Ticket and Transportation Center and then you have to take a Ferry or the Monorail into the Park. We chose the Ferry.

The reason we wanted to make it early before rope drop is because we were not able to get a Fast Pass for Anna and Elsa and it was at the top of LK's list for Disney. I knew we wouldn't be able to every single thing at Disney, but I really wanted to be able to make their top things happen... even if it meant waiting in line.

We got to the park a little bit before the opening show and rope drop and went straight to Fantasyland and Princess Fairytale Hall to meet Anna and Elsa. The cast member at the entrance said it was only a 20 minute wait (which is nothing considering the wait gets up to 2+ hours). He lied. We waited a good 45 minutes. Still not as awful as it could have been, but it was hard to start our morning with that long of a wait knowing we could have been riding rides.

We met Elsa first and she was just lovely. She taught LK how to make snow.

Anna was so much fun to meet. She was quirky and spunky and fun to talk to. LK told her a joke about sandwiches which she loved because she loves sandwiches so much. (I had super awkward faces in these pictures.) 

After that, we regrouped a little and headed for It's a Small World. It is still one of my most favorite rides. All of us love it so much. Shepherd and Fischer say it was one of their favorites this trip. 

(no line... yay!)


(Kyle wanted to take this picture.... so funny!)

After Small World we headed for the tea cups! Archer and I sat that one out while Kyle took the big Scouts. 

The kids really really wanted to ride the Carousel. I'm not the biggest fan because we can ride Carousel's anywhere, but there happened to be no line so we went anyway. 

Shepherd did not want to ride on a horse and I was wearing Archer in the Ergo anyway and their is a rule that you have to sit on the bench if you are baby-wearing so Kyle stood between LK and Fischer and Shepherd sat beside me and Archer. 

Just as we were coming off the carousel we ran into Joel and Ashley. We all had FastPasses for Peter Pan so we headed there together. 

How great is this sweet baby of mine? This was how he was most of the trip. He would happily ride in the stroller or the Ergo. He would fall asleep when it was time to nap and was happy as a clam the whole trip. He was BY FAR the best traveler of our whole group. 

Peter Pan is my favorite ride at Disney World. I love it so much. I got to ride with Ashley and she told me the story of how this was the first ride she ever rode at Disney and after that ride she was like "Ok, I get it. I understand the magic." 

Archer woke up soon after the Peter Pan ride when we were walking to get our stroller so we headed to the front of the park to the Baby Care Center so I could nurse Archer. Kyle took the big kids to the bathroom and for a water break. Archer is such a quick nurser that it didn't take up much time so we then headed to get something to eat for the rest of us.

We went to The Friar's Nook for a Quick Service Lunch. Something I did a decent job preparing for this time was really researching the food choices and I am so glad we did because it might have been my favorite part of the trip. At the Friar's Nook you can get gourmet mac 'n cheese. Kyle and I got the Pot Roast Mac 'n Cheese and it was amazing. 1 of 3 specialty mac 'n cheeses I had the whole trip and I could eat every single one of them again right now. 

After lunch we went back to our resort for afternoon naps. I learned on our last trip what a deal breaker this was for our trip. We have to build in time to rest or the kids lose it. On this day, I did make an exception for LK and let her stay at the park to shop with my mom. (She had a great time but was pretty cranky when we met back up with them.)We rode the bus back so we didn't have to give up our close parking spot at T&T. 

The boys napped great for 2 hours (and Kyle and I rested too!) and we were ready for more fun! When we got back to the park we headed for Tomorrowland. We went on the People Mover first with my parents and Cassie and Cohen ..... and Shepherd ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It was his favorite ride for our entire trip. We always talk about how much he loves to to people watch and how observant he is and I think that's why he liked it so much. It was slow enough and covered enough that he could really SEE things. 

We went to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor after that, which I had been really looking forward to because the kids love the movies so much. It was so funny and I loved how interactive it was! 

We went towards Dumbo after that (I think??? I'm having trouble remembering our exact schedule!!) and rode with Cassie's crew and Joel's crew. On our last trip Shepherd freaked out and hated it. This trip he loved it! 

We ended up at dinner at Columbia Harbor House all the way across the park in Liberty Square. I'm not sure how that happened because I had planned differently, but I was not sorry to eat the Lobster Mac N Cheese. (Yes, 2 mac n cheeses in one day. Don't judge. I'm not sorry. Not even a little bit). 

What I did regret is not properly marking our umbrella stroller and someone taking it. We had actually purchased the stroller at Disney on our last trip so it is a VERY common stroller in the parks and we think someone took it by mistake. Thankfully a cast member there was so helpful and she even gave us a voucher to get a brand new one for free. Because it ended up taking so much time to figure out where to actually get one (we ended up getting it at the Baby Care Center at the front of the Park), we missed out on our last FastPass of the day at Enchanted Tales with Belle. She also gave us 1 super Fast Pass that we could use on ANY attraction at MK anytime during our trip. We saved it for Wednesday and ended up using it on the Mine Train. (More on that in Day 4!). I wasn't that sad about missing Enchanted Tales. At that point we were all so tired and ready to head back to our room. 

In the middle of all of that, we did get to see the Electrical Parade which was magical! 

My favorite thing of the day happened right before we left the park. We actually left in the middle of the first fireworks show and right before exiting, we decided to go visit Tinkerbell and I am so very glad we did. There was no wait and it was easily our favorite character interaction. LK asked her if she had any spare pixie dust and she dusted her from her arms. We also asked her if she could teach us how to fly. She was funny, and cute, and so easy to interact with. She loved our shirts and we loved HER! 

The only thing I was sad about this trip was not getting to meet Peter Pan. But the only way we could have made it work was if we skipped out on naps and I knew better than that. So thankful we got to meet Tink though. 

After meeting Tinkerbell we headed back to get our van and drive back to our resort. Day 3 is Epcot! 

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