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Disney World 2015 {Day 1}

After months and months of planning and building excitement, it was finally time for our long-awaited return to Disney World!

I started packing a week ahead of time because I was so excited. Also, because I have 4 kids. (Read about my packing methods here).

One good thing about our move is that we are now within reasonable driving distance to Disney World! I consider 7 hours reasonable... I know that's too much for some families, but when you consider the low cost of gas right now vs. plane tickets for 5+ people, it was WELL WORTH the drive.

Our kids are happier travelers in the mornings so we left very early. We were pulling out of the driveway at 4:12 am.

We stopped for breakfast and a nursing break around 8:00 and then got back on the road! 

I had packed lunch and snacks so we were able to keep driving and not have to stop again. 

We arrived on site around 1:00 p.m. 

There's just something magical about driving under this banner.

Our first two nights we had reservations at the Art of Animation Hotel. Since official check-in isn't until 3:00, our room wasn't quite ready yet. So we went to the on-site playground to pass some time. 

I love this resort for the kids. There is literally something to see everywhere you look. We stayed here two years ago and were so excited to see it again.

(She's very into posing these days)

I was so excited to stay in a Cars Suite because our kids love the movie so much. The room was so cute! Cassie gave me one task to take pictures of our room, but I failed to get very many because we were trying to make an appointment with a photographer for family pictures with everyone. But I did get these few!

Our suite had two bathrooms, so at night, we put Archer's pack n play in one of them so he could have his own sleeping space!

This couch folds into a bed and is where Fischer slept.

LK and Shepherd shared the Murphy Bed and I was very impressed with them! They did great sharing.... probably because they were so tired every day, but still... they napped and slept well at night too!

We got all checked into our room, and the kids finished eating their lunch I had packed them. 

After that, we got dressed and ready to meet up with the rest of my family at the Grand Floridian to take pictures! My dad surprised my mom with a session with a professional photographer. 

As excited as I was to be at Disney,  I was just as excited to see my sister and brother and their families. I miss them so very much and hate living so far away from them. 

(I'll post the pro pictures once we have them!)

After pictures... which was an adventure with 8 kids under 8, to say the least, we went and ate at the Gasparilla Grill which is a quick service restaurant at the Grand. My mom surprised the kids with glow sticks which they loved!! 

After dinner we headed back to our resort to get to bed so we could get some rest for our first park day at the Magic Kingdom! 

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  1. Oh, what a grand time you all had! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your fabulous trip.
    Blessings, Carrie!