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Disney World 2015 {Day 3}

It's probably no secret by now that our family REALLY likes to experience different cultures and go to different places. That's why I think Epcot was made for us. 

We didn't make it to rope drop because we had to pack up our car and switch resorts to the Grand Floridian. My parents are Disney Vacation Club members and are so generous to share their points with us so we can all stay together. The Grand was AMAZING. So fancy. So nice. The DVC Villas are quiet and peaceful. It was amazing. 

After we got check in at the Grand, we rode the Monorail to Epcot. The Monorail is in my boys top 3 favorite "rides" at Disney World. Fischer calls it the "Modorail". When we tried to correct him he said "I can't say that word. Sorry! Not Today!"

We spent the morning in Future World going to Soarin', Nemo and Friends, and Turtle Talk with Crush. We went straight to Soarin' because we had a Fastpass. Kyle and I used rider swap since there is a height limit and Archer doesn't quite measure up! The boys weren't too keene on it, but Kyle loved it! While LK, Archer and I were waiting for the boys, the rest of my family showed up for the ride and waited to ride it with us!

 Nephew Selfies!!  (Somehow Cohen managed to escape me!) 

Ok, so I have to talk about Soarin. Everyone in the whole world loves it. I hated it. I don't know what I was thinking. I have a genuine fear of heights. The WHOLE RIDE IS HEIGHTS. Not my smartest move. I don't know if it was that it was so realistic, or that even if I looked down at my feet I was still 40 feet in the air inside the simulator. Honestly, I just don't know what I was thinking. My heart beat so fast the whole time and it was not enjoyable. I was sitting by LK (who LOOOOVED it) and my mom. My mom kept saying the whole time "JUST RELAX!!! ENJOY IT! THIS IS AMAZING!!!" and the whole time I was barely functioning without crying. I'm kind of amazing I didn't have a nervous breakdown. Glad LK liked it and glad I got this cute picture of all of us waiting in line.

After our morning at Future World, we headed to the World Showcase, my favorite. We stopped first at the Baby Care Center so I could nurse Archer. 

Last time when we went to the WSC, we did the Epcot Kid Passports and got a stamp in every country. It was a lot of time and I can't even tell you today where our Passports are. This year, my goal was just to get a picture in every country. (Fischer skipped out on most of them.)

Also, this was one of the two days we didn't go back to our resort for naps for two reasons. First, our room wasn't ready until 2:00, and second, our kids were doing great. So we decided to stick out the afternoon and head back early before our dinner reservations and settle into our room. I actually don't regret the decision. The kids were in the best moods and we all loved it!

We ended up skipping Canada because it was lunch time and we were hungry and had our sights set on Fish and Chips in England (sorry Canada!! Babies gotta eat!). 


LK and I have our tea pinkies out in front of the Twinnings store!

Outside the Twinning store in England, there was a band from Scotland playing. My kids will take any excuse for a dance party in the street!! Sorry Scottish band... they kind of stole your show!



This picture is so funny to me. I asked a group of nice ladies to take the picture, which they gladly accepted, and I parked the stroller with Archer in it to the side... and I didn't get him out?? So we have a cute family picture almost complete! 


This picture also has a funny story. A group of teenage girls saw my kids posing as ninjas in Japan and came up and photobombed the picture with their own poses behind them! It was so funny!



Our boys love the trains in Germany. Both times we have been, we've had to pry them away! 

Germany is Kyle's favorite because of his heritage and it is Archer's favorite because of the Karamell Shop!! 



Posing like Vikings.... even Fischer decided to participate! 


It was such a fun day! We loved it so much. I can't say enough how awesome the kids were, especially considering we skipped naps!

After what I think was the perfect amount of time for our family, we headed back to clean up and rest a little before dinner. We had reservations at 1900 Park Fair which is a character meal at the Grand Floridian. The dinner characters were the Cinderella characters.

Dinner is a buffet. So we fixed our plates and dug in while we waited for the characters to visit our table.

The step sisters were hilarious. I asked Drizella for a selfie, she kissed Jonah, and we asked Anastasia to sing with our table. It was horrendous.

I mean really yall... how cute is this??

Archer was clearly not impressed with Lady Tremaine 

The best part of the whole night and one of the most magical experiences of the entire trip was when Prince Charming came over to our table. Laura Kate was waiting and waiting for him and she asked him to teach her how to dance. He happily agreed. It was truly a magical moment and I am so happy for her. I took ALL the pictures!!

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