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Disney World 2015 {Day 4}

Day four was the middle of our trip and obviously the middle of the week. We had planned to go back to Magic Kingdom. This day staying primarily in Adventureland and Frontierland. Our plan was to go early to be there at rope drop and to head straight to Pirates of the Caribbean and then get as many rides in on that side of the park as we could.

We ate a quick breakfast in our room and then headed out. The kids were so excited about riding the Monorail to Magic Kingdom, and oh my goodness was it faster. We made it to the front of the park 30 minutes before rope drop. This allowed the kids a little bit of time to dance and goof off before we got in.

(Seriously, the best husband ever! Sporting his Pirate Mickey Shirt, sunglasses, and of course the YETI mug)

It was really fun to see the opening rope drop show, but we slowly made our way to left entrance so we could be ready to go! Even though we had a fast pass for later in the day, we went straight for Pirates of the Caribbean because it is a favorite of all of ours and we were hoping to head back to the resort after lunch to rest and enjoy the resort.

There was of course no line at Pirates, nor any of the rides we wanted to go on in Adventureland. We went from Pirates to the Jungle Cruise which is the "Jingle Cruise" for Christmas. It was funny and the kids really liked it.

After the cruise we went on Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride (aka Dumbo except with carpets instead of elephants.) Not my personal favorite because of the heights, but the kids all like it. Archer was pretty much worn all day because we were going so quickly! 

After the carpet ride since there was no line and we were right there, we decided to try Dole Whip for the first time ever! It did not disappoint AT ALL! We loved it! 

We skipped the Tree House this time because it wasn't worth the hike up and down with the whiney kids last time. We headed to Frontierland to try and beat the crowds for Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. Our plan was to do Rider Swap and we could swap out.  Well, TMR was closed for maintenance which was a bummer, but we decided that Kyle would ride Splash Mountain with LK while the boys and I watched. The boys were barely tall enough to ride, but Shepherd didn't want to and Fischer said he did, then he didn't. Then, deeply regretted the decision after it was too late. He wanted to be on the ride not waiting and eating a snack. So he threw a colossal threenager meltdown/protest in the middle of the street. Of course I took a picture and then dealt with it. (Which at Disney World is totally different than how I would handle it at home. I really want him to have fun and experience the magic of the trip. So I bribed him with a fruit snack and *most* was forgiven.)

After that DEBACLE, we decided to wait in line to meet Woodie and Jessie. The line wasn't very long and it was in the shade so it wasn't very hot. While we were waiting, we were talking with one of the Cast Members and I asked her if she had any suggestions for fun interactions with them. She had a pad of paper with her and she told Laura Kate to draw a picture of a snake on it and when he wasn't looking she would slip it in Woodie's boot. Then, when it was our turn we could scream "There's a snake in your boot!" and there really would be one in there. Such a fun idea! That's what we did and it was really cute! Fischer of course, hung back with Kyle and wasn't interested in meeting them or taking his picture with them. Again, it worked best if we just didn't push him on it. Threenager gonna do what a threenager's gonna do. 

Next we decided to head back over to Fantasyland to use our super fast pass and ride the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. We weren't able to schedule a fastpass for it before they were all used up online, so when we were rewarded with the super fast pass from the lost stroller incident we decided to use it on this ride since it was new for us! Kyle took the boys first and used rider swap and we went after him. I am so glad we did because it was a blast! It has to be a new favorite for me. LK, aka adrenaline junkie, loved the ride even more than I did. We all wished we had another fastpass because the wait times were over an hour and a half.

We ate lunch at Pinocchio's. This wasn't our favorite meal, mainly because of the crowd. Our kids were hungry and tired and we made the decision to go ahead and head back to our resort to rest.

We got back to the resort and all took naps. When we woke up, Kyle took the big kids to the splash pad at the resort and literally played for 2 hours. It was one of the highlights of the whole trip for the kids and a much needed way to relax for them. In the meantime, Archer and I took baths in the fancy bath tub and got dressed and ready for our evening plans.

One of the things I was looking forward to the most was our dinner reservation for the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review. It is the longest running show in Disney World history and the show that is performed is still the original show that opened.

The show takes place at Fort Wilderness. We drove our cars over and rode the Fort Wilderness buses to take us to the building where the show was. We still had a good wait when we got there, but thankfully there were a few things there to keep the kids occupied.

Unfortunately we were only able to get reservations for the late show that started at 8:30. Considering this is an hour past our kids normal bedtime, I knew it would be a stretch. I tried to prepare as much as I could with napping and with having them eat a pre-dinner dinner. All things considered they did fine. But they were very tired and a little fussy.

The show itself was fantastic! Absolutely amazing. Archer passed out just a few minutes in which was a little distracting, but nothing could distract me from the grand finale. They chose members from the audience to help with the finale and my dad was chosen! Trust me when I say, he was the hit of the show. Absolutely hilarious.

  Also, as a very fun added surprise, I randomly ran into a friend who I had actually only known online. She is on my Scentsy team and is a dear friend's sister-in-law. Such a fun coincidence!

Hi Jen!

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  1. Great photos! And your Dad is one good sport, that's for sure. :)