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Back To School 2016

We kicked off Back to School with a fun cookout. LK had been BEGGING me for a full on BASH, but with just getting home from Jamaica, and the Epic Olympic Party in the same weekend, all I could muster was to ask April across our yards if they wanted to cookout with us. We grilled BBQ chicken ate and watched the Olympics. And then each kid shared what they were excited about and wanted us to pray for for the school year starting. It was a really sweet time and a nice "deep breath" together before school started. 

I had clear eyes as we got everyone ready for the first morning. They were all so excited. Kyle stayed home with the little boys so I could take LK and Shep into their classes for the first day.

Shepherd was SO EXCITED. I kept asking him if he was nervous but he was just so happy and excited to go to school "like Laura Kate".  

This big girl was so excited too! She admitted to being a little nervous but was mostly excited. 

Look at that big boy! Getting settled and ready on the first day. Don't mind me mopping the floors over here WITH MY OWN TEARS. 

And this precious one, ready to take on the world! Love her so!

Shep's teacher asked if I could come for lunch to be an extra set of hands to help get everyone settled at the tables with their trays. I was so happy to help! I also got to peek in on friends in Kinder and sneak in a hug (and a happy picture for their moms too :). 

Fischer was honestly more clingy and nervous that anyone about starting back to school. He has the same (wonderful) teach that Shepherd did last year and its still only 2 days a week, but he cried when I dropped him off on the first day! I didn't expect that at all, but I know this is a hard transition for him with Shepherd being gone to a different school for 5 days a week!

Overall, it has been such a great start to the school year and I am really excited to see how God is going to use these little people of mine as lights in their school. 

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