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Back to School 2017

This was another big year for the Wiley Scouts as our little Fisch started Kindergarten. He was so ready and excited. I think he was just a tad nervous, but mostly just excited. I've been so proud of how well he handled this transition!

We stuck to tradition and read our "The Night Before Kindergarten" book! We love this sweet little book so much and it really makes that night before special! (Get your own here (aff link)>>>>The Night Before Kindergarten<<<<)

Let's just start by saying.... what in the world!!! Where did my baby girl go and who is the grown up, mature looking kid???? She was so so excited about 4th grade, and after a month in, she is NOT disappointed. She's probably the only kid I know who was MORE excited about the second day than the first day because the first was that great. There is a spark in her creativity and passion for learning that hasn't quite been there the past couple of years and I can't tell you how thankful I am to see it again. Love this sweet fourth grade girl of mine!!

Shepherd was the most nervous of all three of them. He didn't sleep well the night before, and for days before kept saying he was nervous. We asked him what he was so nervous about and he would say different things. Thankfully, his teacher is a rockstar and gave them something called "jitter juice" that took all their jitters away and helped them not be so nervous! He has loved it ever since! 

And this guy. Just loving Kindergarten. At first we were a little disappointed not to get the same teacher Shep had last year because we loved her so much, but after the past month, it is so obvious to all of us that Fischer has the exact right teacher for him. I love how the Lord orchestrates that sometimes. Fischer adores her and so do we. Every day at pick-up, Fischer runs out the door and exclaims... "I got another green face today!!!!!" As if his good conduct is a surprise to him. Cracks me up every time. 

Little brother refused to be left out. Every morning when we take the kids to school, even though we drop them off in carpool, he gets his backpack too. It has been an adjustment for him to be the only kid at home and that combined with the two- year sleep regression is leaving us a little tired. But extra snuggles seem to be doing the trick and NO ONE is complaining about this! (This guest post from Emily is such a good resource for what to do with a toddler when the big kids are back at school.So timely for us!!)

Before we left, we prayed for each of them.... over their teachers, their classes, their friends. That the Lord would help them see and be kind to the kids who need friends, that he would help them work hard at their work and that they would have a blast!

My sister sent us a care package that I got while the kids were in school that first day! How sweet is she?!

Other than a few typical Kindergarten melt-downs, it has been a really great start to school in the Wiley house! We are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do in our family this year!

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