Sasster For President

We were in Walmart and she says, "Mommy, I'll be the leader and you follow me."

"Do you like to be leader?" I asked her.

"Yes, of course," she said.

"Why do you like to be the leader?" I asked.

And she says: "Because I like telling people what to do. It's fun!"

Imagine that.

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Naptime Mystery

"Laura Kate, did you take a nap at school today?"

"Weeeeeeelllllll, not exactly."

"What does that mean?"

"It's a mystery."

Oh dinner time conversations with a preschooler. Highly entertaining.

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Organizing toys!

Guess what I'm doing today?? I've been working very hard on repurposing our front room and making it into more of a playroom than study and I am so so close to being done (and showing off pics!. In order to make that happen I am having to organize all of the toys in our house (and get rid of some and throw broken ones away). My goal is to have it done before Christmas. And I think i'm going to beat my goal!

Stay tuned!

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Choo choo

Shepherd ran into Kyle's foot with his dump trunk.

Kyle said: "ouch!"

Shep said: "choo choo"

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Dear Laura Kate (4.5 Years)

Dear Laura Kate,

I can say with full confidence that you are the most funny person I have ever met (and that's saying a lot considering I am married to Kyle Wiley). When I was pregnant with you the Lord impressed two words on my heart for you and one of those is "joy". It has been so wonderful getting to see what the Lord has meant by that word on your life. You give joy and you are joyful. You rejoice and you share joy. As we watch you grow taller every day (it seems), and mature in your life experiences, our greatest prayer will always be the verse that hangs above your bed, that "with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation" (Isaiah 12:3). It is such an honor to be your mom and to get to see the Lord grow you up in Him and get to see how he develops your brain and your heart. You, my sweet girl, are a treasure and I am so very thankful for you!

-You wear size 4T and size 9 shoes
-You are READING! Everything you see you try to sound out and read. It is remarkable.
-You love your brothers and love to help mommy take care of them
-You love to play doctor and help make your babies better (including plastering them with bandaids)
-You sleep 11 hours at night
-You love anything to do with princesses and in your heart you truly do believe you are a princess
-You like to sing and dance all day long.
-Your memory still amazes me. You can memorize anything and remember it forever.
-You love school and continue to do well.

I love you, sweet girl.


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Great Is Thy Surrender

A theme that I have noticed the Lord gracefully putting before me is "surrender". In fact, most questions I ask of Him right now, I am often answered with that word. And I don't get the impression he wants one thing. I think He's asking for it all. Everything. Not when I have the capacity, not just when I feel better. I'm getting the impression that this is the key to His presence in this season. In all seasons.

A couple Sundays ago, we were in Lubbock for church, and we sang "I Surrender All", immediately followed by "Great is Thy Faithfulness". It was very obvious to me that the one song answered the other's question of how? why? when? for real?

Look at this conversation:

What, Lord? What now?

All to me you surrender;
All to me freely give;
You to ever love and trust Me,
In My presence daily live.


Great is My faithfulness, I am your Father,
There is no shadow of turning with Me;
I change not, my compassions, they fail not
As I have been I forever will be.

I'm tired.

All to me you surrender;
I will make you wholly mine.
You will feel the Holy Spirit
And truly know that I am yours.

When? Where? What?

Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest,
Sun moon and stars and their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifest witness,
To My great faithfulness, mercy and love.

I'm empty.

All to me you surrender;
You give yourself to me.
I will fill you with My love and power,
I will let my blessing fall on you.


Pardon for sin and a peace that endures
My own dear presence to cheer and to guide;
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow
Blessings all yours, with ten thousand beside.

You surrender all.
You surrender all.
All to me, you surrender, 
You surrender all.


Great is My faithfulness
Great is My faithfulness
Morning by morning new mercies I give;
All you have needed my hand has provided.
Great is My faithfulness, Me, unto you.

Isn't that a powerful display of the Lord's provision and power and a beautiful picture of his desire for intimacy with His people? With me? With you?


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Snuggie, The Lifesaver

November Saturdays like this one remind me of the day my snuggie saved my life.

(Originally posted on November 4, 2010)

It's true....I used to be a snocker (a snuggie mocker), and really at the heart of it, I still am.

But one day, my sweet husband decided to surprise me, just because, with a Texas Tech snuggie. I admit, I was won over. Maybe there IS some benefit to a blanket with sleeves (other than the fact you could just turn your bath robe around backwards). It was too much to give up making fun of it, so I just mock myself every time I use it....wear it? (do you use or wear a snuggie?)

Then, there was the day my snuggie saved my life.

You just think I'm exaggerating.

We were in Lubbock. Visiting. About this time last year (can you imagine the past year without me here? well, just thank my Snuggie you don't have to). On a Saturday morning, Kyle had a coffee meeting with a friend, my dad had a previous commitment and so I could sleep in, my mom decided to uphold Kyle's donut date with Laura Kate. The perfect plan......everyone else accommodating my sleeping needs. A beautiful, beautiful, plan.

We just forgot to factor in one thing: my parents and my extremely needy dogs. That morning (and that morning alone) did I decide to be cat person. You see, cats will curl up on your chest or snuggle up right beside you and start purring. Dogs have fingernails that make noise on the hardwood floor as they run to your sleeping bedside the moment they realize you are the only warm body in the house. Dogs have loud, playful, annoying growls as they play with each other on the floor right by your head. Then they decide that's not annoying enough and they start whining by your head when they decide they need to go to the bathroom (gah, curse nature! couldn't they wait an hour???). After 15 minutes of extreme irritation, I decided to end the madness by taking them outside.

It was early. 7:20 in the AM kind of early (yes, that's early on my sleep-in day....and every other day). I didn't know where my shoes were on my way out the door, so by the fate of the only God in heaven, I grabbed my snuggie because I knew it was 3o going on negative 20 degrees outside and I didn't want to freeze while I waited for the dogs to do their business before they ran back inside.

It just so happens that my Sookie and my mom's Gracie cannot be outside together for longer than 2 minutes before they decide to participate in mischief like running down the block away from the warm cozy house. So after they do their business and I run halfway down the block to catch them, I throw them inside, slam the door shut and wait for Gabbi to finish her business. She is always careful about where she delicately places her extriments. Did I mention how cold it was? I could see my breath, my fingers and toes turned instantly blue and I was shaking and shivering uncontrollably. FINALLY, Gabbi ran up the stairs and wagged her tail impatiently, as if to say, what are we wait for? I pushed down on the door handle, pushed and to no avail, realized I was locked out. LOCKED OUT OF THE WARM AND COZY!

I tiptoed across the frozen lawn, dog in my arms, as quickly as I could to the back gate praying the whole time it was unlocked and that someone had left the back door unlocked. Neither happened to be true. Very unfortunately, I tiptoed back to the front porch where I proceeded to sit on the mat on top of the frozen cement porch. I wrapped the snuggie around my feet and hands, pulled the dog on top of my lap for warmth and buried my head inside the snuggie. Sometime in the 20 minutes I was waiting for someone to arrive, I started thinking about my warm cozy bed and I start to cry like a blubbering idiot inside my snuggie. I was cold. I was sleepy. And I was a cat person (that day only).

Finally, my mom pulled up with my 18 month old, happy as could be after delighting in donuts, and I cried at her some ridiculous explanation to my half frozen body sitting on her front porch with frozen tears on my cheeks. After she unlocked the door,I marched inside, into my room, shut the door with the dogs on the OTHER side, and cried myself to sleep.

The other side of this story is what would have happened to me if I didn't grab the snuggie on my way out the door? Would I be whole frozen, not just half? I can only imagine how many of my fingers and toes would have survived the frost bite without the snuggie.

Still not exaggerating. Promise.

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Dear Fischer (Three Months)

Dear Fischer,

I've heard it said that holding a baby is the best therapy. You have proved that statement to me this month. Over the past month, through a tragic situation, loving you, holding you, nursing you, has brought me great comfort. I know the Lord is faithful to provide all things and I also know that he does that in different ways through different things and people. Through your sweet smiles, snuggles, and giggles, He has provided joy and truly a peace that passes all understanding.

This month, my prayer for you is that the Lord would use your sweet spirit to comfort many many people in your life. That you would one day know that your true source of comfort is your Creator and that that source will never dry up. I pray that the Lord would specifically design relationships and people to give you joy and comfort in the times in your life that you would need it. I am so thankful for your sweet, tender personality that the Lord has uniquely created for YOU, Fischer Knox Wiley.

-You weigh a lot and are very long (we don't go to the doc again until 4 months)
-You wear size 2 or 3 diapers and 3-6 month/6 month clothes
-You are on a good 3-4 hour schedule during the day, 5 feedings a day plus a moonlight before I go to bed.
-You sleep so well. 4 awesome naps and 9+ hours at night.
-You go down awake, sometimes you fuss for 5-10 minutes, and wake up happy most of the time.
-You are coooing and talking and cooing and talking
-You chew on your hands
-You still love your crib mobile, tolerate your swing, and have come to LOVE your bouncy seat
-You watch your siblings and laugh at them often
-You flirt with your mommy every chance you get and love to smile and talk to your daddy

We are thankful for you, Fischer Knox!


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