Reformed Snocker

Today I am packing and getting ready for our trip to Lubbock. I decided to pack my faithful snuggie and I am reminded of the day I became a reformed snocker. In case you've never heard about it, I thought I would give you a little reminder today. Just remember the very things you mock might just in fact save your very life:

The Day My Snuggie Saved My Life

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Finally 3 and letting go....

If you saw my facebook yesterday, you saw this post:

LK's rendition of The Beauty of the Cross (her current favorite song): "....The beauty of the cross is that I'm finally THREE (free) and letting go!" ....fitting. 

Here's a video of Jeff Johnson singing this song. (you might want to pause the playlist at the bottom of the page if you want to listen :)

Well, it's true. It is her favorite song. And she really does sing the line, "I'm finally THREE and letting go". 

I think she lives this with true conviction. She is three and she is letting go. And let me just tell you, that is not so easy on the mama. 

I've said before that this is by far the hardest age so far. Three. 

Sassy Pants is full of it (you name and she is full of it). She is defiant, hyper, happy, sassy, sassy, sassy, dramatic, sensitive, fearful, hilarious, brilliant, witty, cunning, imaginative, manipulative, excited, loving, did I mention sassy?

The above list is exhausting!  It is really hard to not let the bad out-weigh the good right now. As a mom, I'm trying to find the fine line of breaking the defiance without breaking her dreams. There are so many wonderful parts to this age but the fits, defiance and drama are enough to have me begging for a difference when she turns 4.

I want her to be a dreamer, I love that her imagination explodes every 5 minutes, and I desire for her to be a leader. But most of all, I want her to be a lover of Jesus. Every day I pray that she would KNOW him and LOVE him and SERVE him. 

....One thing is for sure: all day, every day, the sasster and I both need HIM. 

....Another thing is for sure: My sweet, laid-back, cuddly, snuggle squishy little moose is never going to be 3 and letting go. I just can't have it... mkay? mkay.

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Laura Kate Lately

What is your favorite color? "Pink"

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  "Oatmeal and Yogurt and a Brownie"

What is your favorite Bible Story? "God's People Grow"

What is your favorite thing to do with mommy? "Play outside"

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy? "Play outside and swing"

What is your favorite thing to do with brother? "Play with him, and lay down with him and kiss him!"

What is your favorite show to watch on TV? "Team  Umizoomi"

What is your favorite book to read? "I like 2 books. All of them. Those are my favorites. But I only like these ones."

What is your favorite thing to drink? "Chocolate Milk AND Strawberry Milk AND Regular Milk"

Where is your favorite place to go? "Um, To Daddy's office. To see him."

What is your favorite treat? " Popcicle and a Lollipop! Those are my favorite treats!"

What is your favorite prize? "A baby bottle for my baby."

Do you know what season it is right now? "Yeah, Autumn. And Fall too."

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A Monday List

1. I called it a Monday list because it's Monday.

2. The bad news is that I still sound like a truck driver when I talk. The good news is that I think I've progressed to a female truck driver.

3. It's national talk like a pirate day, so I guess there a positive side to #2.

4. I went to the grocery store without coupons today. (Although I had a digital coupon for free water that I took advantage of). I felt guilty. Like a sinner.

5. I'm a guilty sinner.

6. Sassy Pants refuses to call me "mommy". Only "mom". I don't like it.

7. My SBOAM leaves for an LDC to Mexico on Wednesday.

I already miss him.

8. Little Moose had yogurt for the first time today and loved it.

9. I don't think the Moose's problem was the bananas. I think the culprit was avocados. Found that one out the hard way.

10. Is that weird? Can avocados stop you up??

11. (Sorry Shep, I'll stop talking about it)

12. I added music to the blog. You're welcome.

12. I started cleaning out my closet Saturday. I'm still not finished.

12. There are (3) number 12's. Don't worry, it's going to be ok.

13. My benedryl just kicked in.

14. I'm going to act like Tom and Cruise.

15. Act like a Bread Truck and Hall Buns.

16. I'm out like a light.
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Dear Shepherd (6 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

I was wrong. You don't weigh 20lbs yet. "Just" 18 lbs 13 oz (75%). I distinctly remember your sister weighing around the 19 lbs mark at TWELVE MONTHS - you've definitely surpassed her! Just know to my feeble arms you are one chunky monkey. You are however in the 90% for height which is a whopping 27.3 inches! You are one tall boy who never stops growing.This is such a fun age. I am loving every day with your sweet, happy, laid-back personality.

  • You a rolling everywhere! Seriously, I think you could roll to China.
  • You go to bed happy, sleep 10-12 hours at night, and wake up happy. 
  • You still take 3, 2 -hour naps a day.
  • We have started solid foods and mommy is surprising all of us with her baby culinary skills. So far, you have tried bananas, avacado, sweet potatoes, and green beans in addition to your cereal and oatmeal. You love everything you eat. But especially love bananas and sweet potatoes. We just have to take it easy on the bananas....ok, ok! I won't talk about you being const  , digestionally challenged.
  • Your mouth is like a bee's antenna. You feel everything out by chewing on it first. 
  • You are still in size 3 diapers during the day but I'm thinking it's time to move up to size 4 for nighttime diapers. Let's just say that no one is happy when you leak through at 3:00 a.m.
  • You still love your Praise Baby!
  • You jump and jump and jump in your jump-a-roo
  • You now know what grass is. You're welcome. I finally took you outside since it had cooled down below 10,000 degrees. You love being outside almost as much as your sister.
  • You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes since most 9 month clothes are too tight because of your long torso.
  • You still think your daddy hung the moon, your sister writes the best songs ever sung, and your mama snuggles better than anybody!
  • Our greatest prayer for you is that the Lord would call you to himself that you would Know Him, and Love Him, and Serve Him. 
  • You are a handsome picture of the Lord's delight every minute of the day.
Happy Half Birthday, Shepherd Andrew. There has never been a more loved 6 month old little boy than you!
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A Saturday List

1. I called it "A Saturday List" because it's a list written on..... (wait for it) ......Saturday.

2. I'm not 100% sure, but pretty sure my little moose weighs over 20lbs (we'll find out for sure on Monday)

3.  I made homemade baby food this weekend: Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, and Carrots. (He's already been eating bananas, avacado, and apples!)

4. Call me crunchy, but I actually liked serving my sweet boy in this way! It was refreshing knowing EXACTLY what he is going to eat, it turned out to be really easy, and it saved lots of moolah!

5. I also made homemade baby wipes. My SIL (sister-in-law) had some given to her that I saw this past weekend but I found the same recipe online here. They smell so good and I think will work beautifully and the magic words: will save me some moolah!!

6. I was lazy today. I have laid in my bed multiple times today, snuggling with various family members, reading, and napping!!

7.  Shep loves, I mean loooves sweet potatoes! His favorite for sure by far.

8. Except for bananas. But bad things happen when you eat too many bananas. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me to talk about it.

9. Laura Kate told me yesterday that she "forgot her mind at Grammy's house". Maybe I'll call Grammy and see if she'll mail it back....she might need that.

10. My SBOAM loves watching football.

11. I love watching football.

12. Sassy Pants loves watching football (future cheerleader  - no doubt)

13. Little Moose loves watching football (future fullback, future retirement for his parents - no doubt)

14. I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream, iceball,  FOOTBALL!

15. The nurse at the pediatricians office told me that pear juice works the same as prune juice (diluted of course for babies under 2 years). Just a random fact. I'm pretty sure little moose still doesn't want me to talk about it.

16. I love to read.

17. SBOAM loves to read.

18. Sassy pants loves to read.

19. Little Moose loves to read.

20. All together now: I scream, you scream....yeah yeah.
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Psalm 13

I needed this today. Did you?
Shane and Shane wrote a song based on this Psalm. This video is from 2006 at my favorite coffee shop in the world, Sugar Brown's. I love how Shane describes this song/Psalm as a song of frustration but one of hope. I can relate to that.

Lyrics to Psalm 13, by Shane and Shane:

How long oh Lord will You forget me
how long oh Lord will You hide
hide Your face from me
how long must i wrestle with me
and everyday have sorrow in my heart
sorrow in my heart

i will wait on You
i will wait on You
i will wait on You

look on me Lord and answer me
give my eyes light or i will sleep in death
i will sleep in death
my enemies say "i will overcome him"
and my foes rejoice even when i fall
i dont want to fall

for i will trust in Your unfailing love
my heart rejoices in Your salvation
i will sing to the Lord
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Memory Making

It's a really big deal when you're 3 and you get to stay in a "special" hotel, go swimming, get your own special couch bed, and mom and dad let you jump on it.

Just making memories with my family.

THESE are the moments we'll remember all our lives.

So thankful for the four lives in this room.

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Dance Dance Revolution

Well, Sassy pants is officially a dancer.

She loves to wear her leotard and tap shoes.

And she LOVES to dance.

Especially to TAP dance

She likes ballet too, but really she likes to tap a lot

Her first class was interesting.

This is her sitting still, but really that didn't happen a lot the first class.
Because she didn't know what to expect, she had a hard time staying focused.

Half the class is ballet and half is tap.

This is LK changing into her tap shoes after ballet.

The second and third classes went much better.

Now that we knew what to expect, she did a much better job of following directions and staying focused on the task at hand.

Every week only increases her love to dance.

It makes me so happy and I can't wait for her recital in May.

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