Fischer's Birth Story, Part One

Part One:  Preparation

"Do you think everything is going to be ok tomorrow?" is what I asked Kyle the night before Fischer's induction.

He assured me that not only did he think everything would go well, but that it would be great. But he still held me and let me cry out my anxiety.

I told myself that the way I was feeling was just nerves for such a big day even though it was not how I felt the night before either of my other two inductions. I know now that the Lord was preparing my heart to lean on him on a day when things wouldn't go according to my plan (one of these days I'm going to learn and just stop making plans).

Before I get to the story of Fischer's actual birthday, I want to write about the ways that I think the Lord prepared me for it because I never want to forget all of the ways the Lord proved himself faithful and the ways he walked me through every step of this experience. I have a feeling I'm going to need to remember it in the future when I have to face other days that won't go according to my plans.

  • Choosing my doctor. For the second pregnancy in a row, I changed doctors mid-pregnancy. I was really upset about having to do that because I loved my doctor but because of certain circumstances it wasn't an option to stay with him. From our first meeting with Dr. Pierce, I felt confident in him and that I could trust him to help us make the right medical decisions for my body and baby. The Lord gave that to us early on and I believe it was with great purpose so that we would be able to trust him in a difficult situation.
  • My epidural. If I had not had an epidural in place already, I would have had to be intubated, knocked out and woken up in recovery.
  • The hospital tour. I have always enjoyed touring the hospital where my baby would be born just because it gives me an incredible peace being able to see what things will look like, what kind of room I will labor in, where to go, and extra pieces of information that might be helpful during LDR. If you are a reader of this blog, you will remember that Kyle and I toured our hospital before it was even open (read about it here). Because the hospital wasn't open yet, we were able to go inside the OR room and recovery room where I ended up having my C-Section. They walked us through the entire process of what it would look like and be like if you had to have a C-Section. For my visual, planning brain, this gave me incredible peace because I didn't have to wonder what was happening next or where I was going. 
  • Father of the Bride, Part 2. Yes, the movie. No, I'm not joking. If you've seen it, you know at the end of the movie the mom has a complication with her labor and the doctor tells her that she is not seeing an improvement in the baby's heart rate. She tell George Banks that she can have the baby out in a matter of seconds if she has to and that everything was going to be ok. I have always known that it was possible, if needed and emergent, to get a baby out super fast if it was needed. 
  • I read this blog post on Sunday night before I went to sleep written from the perspective of a mom with her daughters in the theater of the tragic Colorado shooting. Two things in particular struck me. One, was the incredible peace this mother had in a tragic situation and the other was the verse the author shares her youngest daughter was leaning on:  Do not be afraid of sudden fear nor of the onslaught of the wicked when it comes; for the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your feet from being caught. Proverbs 3:25-26 I do not by any means intend to compare having a C-Section to the massacre that happened on that night, but do want to point out that the Lord's grace is sufficient in every situation. I read that verse and remembered it for the next day and went to sleep that night resting in the Lord and knowing he would be sufficient for whatever the next day would bring. 

(40 Weeks, 4 days)

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LK is hiding them in her heart

If you'll remember this post, my sister sent me this CD as the best surprise ever in the mail.

We have pretty much listened to the CD nonstop when the kids are in the car and they absolutely adore it. As with most things she loves, the Sasster has pretty much memorized the entire CD word for word, note for  note. Pretty incredible for a four year old....makes this mama's heart so happy. 

Here are two videos of a couple of her performing her favorites from the CD. Definitely worth the watch if I do say so myself. 


Overcome Evil With Good

Also worth checking out. 
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Fischer, 40 Weeks

(40 Weeks)

Dear Fischer,

Happy due date!!! First of all, I would like to thank you, no matter how many times I have begged you to come out in the past 3 weeks, for staying the course and being obedient to my original requests that you stay in there until 40 weeks. Well my son, the day has come. It's ok to come out now. For real. Right now. No? Ok, we've got 16 more hours in the day. Now, most babies, MOST babies are not born on their actual due date. Because a "due date" is just good guess. Only very special babies who love their mommies more than other babies and who appreciate the importance of good planning and timing decide to be born on their due date. Son, I believe you have it in you to be one of those special babies. 

Mommy: Just wants to meet you. And not be pregnant anymore. Please come out. Please Please come out.

Daddy: Told me he feels like he is waiting on Christmas morning he is so excited, only he already knows what he is getting! He cannot wait to meet you and is ready for mommy not to be pregnant anymore.

Your Sasster: Thinks you will be born Friday night. I don't know why. She just does. 

The Moose: Doesn't have a clue. I think he's ready for mommy to be "Back to normal" [insert evil laugh here] he doesn't realize we are in the process of redefining normal.

Grammy and Papa: are coming to our house tomorrow. But they would come today if you decided to come out. Please come out. Please please come out!

We are so excited to see you, meet you, snuggle you, kiss you, feed you, and love you more than you can possibly imagine. Please be born. Please come out! You won't regret it!


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Things I have Learned from My Grandaddy

1. Take every opportunity you can to tell people about Jesus.

My grandad does this as a lifestyle. He is passionate about telling people about Jesus. After years spent on the mission field of Thailand, he came home to the U.S. to a different mission field but didn't change what he did. He still tells people about Jesus every day. He does is by his words and his actions. To his patients, to his neighbors, to his family, even to himself. He continually preaches the Gospel of Jesus, over and over and over.

(me, Grandaddy, and cousin Rachael in Thailand)
(Rachael, Grandaddy, me and my mom outside a Thai church)

2. Hard work builds character.

This is a man who founded and built a hospital in rural Thailand. A man who still practices medicine at 82 years old, and not because he has to. For as long as I have known him, he has woken up early and walked/jogged every morning praying every step of the way. A man who raised 4 children and has faithfully served his wife for 60 years (he has taken out the trash every evening after supper every day he has been married). He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known and this directly translates to his character.  You can talk to anyone who has ever met my Grandad and they can and will speak to the strength of his character.

3. If you have a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water at least 4 times a day.

I hated it as a child. Still do if I'm being honest. But the truth is, it works. Every time I have ever seen him or talked to him about a cold or sore throat, the first thing he would tell me was to gargle with warm salt water. My siblings and I would have contests for who could get the farthest in gargling the alphabet. And every time I have a sore throat to this day, I make myself gargle before I take any medicine.

Today, with a baby due any minute and a house full of cold-infested people, my anxious heart needed to be reminded of all three of these things. 

I need to tell people about Jesus with every opportunity, even (especially) myself. 

Hard work builds character.  There seem to be many character-building opportunities in the past few weeks and maybe, just maybe that was the Lord's plan all along.

And yes.... gargle gargle gargle. Gargle. 

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The Great Poop Explosion of 2012

***Disclaimer, I talk a lot about poop in the post

I was sorting the laundry.

Shepherd and Laura Kate were watching a Baby Einstein.

But that's not all Shepherd was doing.

A few minutes into sorting, Shepherd came in to help me with the sorting. He likes to "help" with this sort of thing (hence me trying to distract with Baby Einstein). I saw in his hand a little purple baby doll comb he had been carrying around like a prized possession all morning.

I didn't think anything of it, I just kept sorting. (There was a lot)

He came in and out of the room a few times and finally after finishing sorting, I reached down to pull him away from the clean piles so he wouldn't make his own piles. When I picked him up, I felt on my arm that his pants were wet and I thought, "uh oh, he must have leaked out."

I took him to the changing table and laid him down.

And y'all. Oh y'all.

The first thing I saw was the poop on his left foot. I knew we were in trouble.

I pulled off his little elmo pajama pants and all down his left leg, was all the poop in the world.

I opened up his diaper and the lack of poop in the diaper was very concerning.

And then, I look up to his little hands.

Holding the purple baby doll comb.

That he had obviously found useful when his leg was itching from all to poop.

To reach down his little pants and scratch with.


There was poop on his hands.

On his face.




Normally, 5 steps earlier I would have screamed for Kyle. But Kyle was not home.

I wiped off as much as I could and marched the happy little toocus to the bathtub to completely scrub him down. Then, when he was all clean, I turned to grab his towel and as I did I heard a happy sound of delight come from my little moose and I looked in the tub and saw that he had pooped again!!

I rescued him from his own filth, once again, and washed him down in the sink, wrapped him in swaddling cloths and lay him in a manger.

I threw everything away. Even his elmo jammies, purple baby doll comb, everything.

Then I lysoled like I have never lysoled before.

Kyle walked in the door 5 minutes later.

He offered to clean the bathtub.

I think I'll let him.


In honor of this occasion, I would like to serenade us with this song to remind us all of the importance of our poo (Joel and Geoffrey, this is for you):

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Just Some Pictures

Just some pictures....some are new, some are old, some are middle....


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Fischer, 39 Weeks, And An Honest Answer

Dear Fischer,

We had a pretty good doctor's appointment today. It encouraged me a little bit from the way I feeling earlier today (see below). I am happy to announce that if you don't come beforehand, your birthday will be on Monday, July 23rd....10 days from now. But let's chat about this for a second...I would still really prefer for you to come on your own before that. After talking with our doctor we decided to go ahead and set the date for 4 days after your due date. While it is not my preference to induce, I feel comfortable giving you this much time to come on your own, past your due date. Dr. Pierce would only let us go three days more than that anyway. This is the same scenario as your sister and I am hoping you are more with the program than she was. It does help mommy to have a light at the end of the tunnel and to have an end date. I'm hoping to plan some fun things this week to take my mind off of things.

Also, Dr. Pierce said things are moving very smoothly at the new hospital so we are all set to deliver there. I feel really glad to have that settled and really excited to get to be at the fancy pretty hospital.

Not a lot of updates from last week for everyone else. See below to see how I was feeling earlier today (note: it's not very happy or positive but it's real).

(39 Weeks)

From where I was at this morning, here's an honest answer to the question:

How are you feeling?

The truthful, quick answer, from my rational, logical, un-emotional brain is:

Fine. Honestly. I feel fine. Healthy. Normal. Everything really is fine.

But the reality is, I don't really have a rational, logical, un-emotional brain right now. So this is really how I feel:
  • Uncomfortable: I am physically limited in my ability to get things done just based on my size alone. Picking things up is difficult. I am clumsy and almost fall multiple times a day just walking on solid ground. My bones hurt, my muscles hurt, my feet hurt and my back hurts. Even laying down is uncomfortable in one position for too long and turning over to the other side hurts too.
  • Tired: I'm just not sleeping well. It's really the most ridiculous and unreasonable thing in the world to suggest to a pregnant woman to get all the sleep you can now before the baby is here. If you've ever been pregnant, you know this is almost impossible without some kind of help, medically. And even then, benedryl doesn't always work. Also, my brain hurts. It just won't stop spinning. 
  • Panicky: The nesting and panic has increased. I just don't have the energy to keep up with my brain. When I try, I kill my feet and legs. And then I can't sleep because my legs hurt so bad.
  • Conflicted and Guilty: 
    • I am so so thankful for my husband. I really really don't know what I would do without him. He helps me so much. But I am driving him crazy. I know it. I see it. But I don't know what to do to make it better. I feel guilty that I am having to let him help with so much, yet I know I need the help because I just don't have my normal stamina. I wish I could more love and meaning behind my thank-you's and I just don't know how. 
    • I want to do more fun things with my kids, but I don't have the energy to do it. I feel guilty for the times I turn on the tv because it is just easier. I am thankful for the sweet snuggles I get and worry I don't give them enough. I worry I am going to miss something or that if someone else were their mommy they would be getting more attention. But I don't know where to find more energy to give more. 
    • I am so ready to meet Fischer but I worry that I won't do a very good job of parenting 3 kids. I don't want to miss out on any part of them and I don't know how I can do that split into 3.  
    • I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore, that I want to talk my doctor into inducing as soon as possible. But I also don't want to be the one who decides when he is born. I want to go into labor on my own, I just wanted it to happen a few days ago. I want to ask my doctor to check for how far I progressed, but I also don't want to know if I'm not progressed at all. 
So like I said: I feel fine. Just fine. Thanks for asking. 
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Letters From the Not Amused

Dear Uterus,

Unless you are going to produce a baby, please stop contracting. Especially on my birthday. It only gets my hopes up and frustrates me. And it hurts.

Not Amused


Dear Christopher Peters,

It was understandable when I received your phone number when I first moved here, that there would be some people who still had your old number. I didn't mind informing them you no longer had that number. It was even somewhat understandable that you didn't inform your creditors of your new number. Again, I didn't mind asking to be taken off their call list. But four years later, I have to only assume that you are purposefully giving out MY phone number to credit collectors who still call me to this day, my birthday. Stop it.

Not Amused
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38.45 List

1. It's called a 38.45 list because I am 38 weeks, 4 and a half days pregnant.

2. Yes,  I'm still pregnant. I've said all along I think I'll see 40 weeks. But when I said that, I forgot how miserable these last couple weeks are.

3. Yesterday, the sasster came out of her room to ask if rest time was over.

I told her "no it is not, you still have 30 minutes."

She said, "Oh, ok. Well could you hold these cupcakes for me until its over?" and she handed me a whole package of mini cupcakes that she had confiscated from the kitchen at some time before when I wasn't looking. 

"Sure, why I don't I just put these in the kitchen?"

"That's a great idea!!"

"Thanks. I thought so."

4. I've been bouncing on my yoga ball. Not because I think it will do anything to induce labor (I'm going to be pregnant forever), but because it feels so much better than sitting anywhere else.

5. I've been having painful contractions for about a week now. Don't get too excited. They are a tease. A mean, painful tease. Nothing regular and they raise your hopes only to crush them in the depths of impatience.

6. When I load the dishwasher, I always organize all the forks together in one part of the basket, spoons in another, knives, etc.... It makes me happy. SBOAM even does it. That makes me happy too.

Also, I don't worry about the spooning because we all know you have to wash dishes before you put them in the dishwasher anyway. It's just to sanitize them.

I should probably go load the dishwasher.


7. I got my haircut on Friday! So glad to have a cute, short style before Fischer is here and I don't have the mental or emotional capacity to make important decisions like hair-care.

8. Tonight we are having a few friends over to grill hotdogs and watch the Homerun Derby.

9. If you read this list, you are probably really bored.

10. But I love you for it!
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The Presence of God

The Hide 'Em in Your Heart CD has brought up a lot of discussions lately with Sassy Pants. We listen to it every time we ride in the car.  She has the entire thing memorized and sings it all day no matter where we are (like very loudly through Wal-Mart). She loves it.

The other day, she and I were on our way home from the grocery store, listening to the CD and she asked me, "Mommy, what is the presence of God?".

"It is when we feel God near to us."

"Oh. Well, I can't feel God right now."

"You could ask him if you could feel him."

"Ok!" [takes a breath and without hesitation] "God, can I please feel you?"
"He said, 'yes', mommy".

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Fischer, 38 Weeks

Dear Fischer,

Today we are 38 weeks along. It hasn't been the most fun week. Last Friday, we blissfully floated in the pool and blisterly suffered the awful pain of sunburn for the next 3 days because I forgot to re-apply sunscreen. Not so fun.

I'm guessing you weigh somewhere in the 7lb range. We went to the doctor today and your heart-rate was 138, which is good and mommy is measuring 37 cm. Even though it's a cm behind your gestational age, it is still normal and is exactly how things were with your Sasster and brother.

Mommy: is not feeling too hot. Actually I'm smoltering and melting it is so hot, but I'm not feeling super great. What I thought was a tummy bug turned out to be some pre-labor symptoms and contractions. Even though I've been having contractions for months, these are different, more frequent and hurt a lot more. I never reached this point with either of your siblings before they were induced so I didn't recognize this kind of pain. They are still irregular and we could continue like this for a little while still. I am drinking lots and lots of water so that dehydration is not a contributing problem because it can make the irregular contractions worse.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my haircut and a massage and then mommy and daddy have a date night to celebrate my birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary (a little early for both of them!).

Dr. Pierce also said that if we go into labor over the weekend, he would still send us to deliver at the old hospital. He wants to see a few kinks worked out over these first few days of being open and he said that if it were his wife/sister/etc.... he would not be comfortable with her delivering at the new fancy schmancey hospital just yet. He is hopeful that they just need a few days to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be and that by next week things will be smooth sailing. You want to know how I feel about that?? JUST FINE. seriously. I reached a point these past couple days of it just not mattering where you are born as long as it is safe and you are ok and preferably that I get my epidural quickly. I am just so excited to meet you and ready for you to be here. (And my friends can bring me cookies *cough*cough*nudge*nudge*ahem*).

SBOAD: is just that..... a Studly Beast of a Daddy. He is helping mommy so much! He and mommy came up with a "Plan B" in case the epidural doesn't work to help mommy when she is in a lot of pain so I don't panic. (We also have a "Plan C" in case of Emergency C-Section :).

The Sasster: has been wonderful. She is getting so ready to meet you and has been a really big helper for little things for mommy lately.

The Moose: has been cranky and only has eyes for your daddy. He started a new "game" where he throws his lovey out of his crib every nap time and then gets mad that he doesn't have it to sleep with. Unfortunately for him, mommy and daddy are choosing not to play this game and he is going to have to learn to not throw it out. I think he and your sasster can both sense the upcoming change of your arrival and are being a little bit clingier than usual because of it.

We are getting excited to meet you, little one! Hopefully it is sooner rather than later!!
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Meet Soap and Bubbles

How do you go fishing without a Fischer?

You stay in your bed for 30 nights, that's how.

About 4 months ago, the SBOAM and I were at our end with the Sasster getting out of her bed 30 times at night before she fell asleep.... I mean we heard it all:

"I'm hungry"
"I'm thirsty"
"I can't find Bunny Bunny"
"I didn't say 'I Love You'"
"I need to snuggle"
"I can't find George Lucas"
"You didn't kiss me on BOTH cheeks"
"Shepherd needs you"
"My covers are messed up"
"I'm just sad right now"

So, in thinking about how great she did with her sticker chart(s) during potty training, I decided to give it whirl but make it something she would really really want....

The first thing I did was take her to the pet store to look at all the different kinds of fish. All the colors. Every tank. I think we looked for an hour.

Then we went and picked out special fish stickers for her chart.

When we got home, I drew her chart by hand (my printer was out of ink at the time). And then explained how she could get a fish.

Here's how it worked: 

  • Ultimately she had to stay in her bed for 30 nights and she got to have a fish. Not 30 nights in a row because she's only 4 and I know my daughter and that wouldn't happen until she was 29. Just 30 nights total. For every night she stayed in her bed, she got a sticker. 
  • If she came out of her room for any reason, other than going potty, then she didn't get her sticker. 
  • After 15 stickers, she got to pick out the fish tank, but no fish until 30.
  • Some nights where I needed a little extra leverage (like when Kyle was gone) or I knew the night would be particularly hard for her, I promised her an extra sticker. I'm the mom, I get to make it up as I go along, right?

It took 4 months, y'all. To be honest, I didn't know if we would ever get a fish and really didn't know if Fischer would be here before the fish would be. It took only 1 month to get to 15 stickers but it took 3 months to get the last 15. But in the end, SHE DID IT!

She had chosen to use a really cute box tank I had found years ago but we needed a new bowl, rocks, etc. So we went to Walmart and found a great little goldfish starter kit. Somewhere along the way, she had decided she wanted a goldfish. Not a pink fish or a Beta fish but a goldfish named Bubbles. So we found the goldfish tank at Walmart and she picked out her fish. Then, being the sweetest big sasster ever, she asked me if Shepherd could have a fish too. Because I love her sweet heart for her brother and because Shepherd was beside himself he loved the fish tanks so much, I said yes to an additional $2.78 fish. 

Shepherd's goldfish is white with orange spots and we named him (?) "Soap" and Laura Kate had found her gold, fluffy tailed goldfish "Bubbles". We came home and got the both of them settled in their new home. 

In the 20 hours since the fish have lived in our house, I have been asked so many questions about fish. 

"Can I kiss the fish?"
"Can fish understand music?"
"Do fish lay down to sleep?"

....just to name a few.
 I make up a lot of things about fish.

The only thing I was worried about was now losing my incentive to keep her in her bed at night....until I brilliantly came up with the idea that if she wants to be the one who "gets" to feed her fish the next day (and trust me....she does badly) then she has to stay in her bed all night. Worked the first night....wonder how long it will keep working?

Welcome to the family Soap and Bubbles!!
 We are glad you are here!!
 (Please, please don't die!)

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Laura Kate's Birth Story

As I was organizing the Scout's tabs at the top of the blog (if you havn't checked them out, you should!), it occurred to me that I haven't ever written out Laura Kate's birth story. The blog was started after she was born and we were still feeling out what the blog would look like (work or family blog) so it never occurred to me to write about it before. I decided I would still like a record of it.

So this is Laura Kate's birth story, as best as I remember it 4 years later.

In the weeks leading up to LK's birthday, I really worried about having to induce. I really didn't want to because I didn't think that it should be up to me to decide when a baby should be born or not. At the same time, at my 39 week appointment I was miserable. At 38 weeks my doctor told me that it took a week to get on the schedule for an induction and that he didn't want me going past 41 weeks. He suspected Laura Kate would weigh about 9lbs. With still some reluctance, I went ahead and scheduled to induce on May 12th, 2008, 4 days after her due date, all the while praying and praying that she would come on her own. 

After seeing my doctor on Friday the 9th (40 weeks, 1 day), we received our instructions for showing up to induce on Monday. After wonderful first mother's day on Sunday the 11th, I started have contractions about 2:45 in the morning on Monday. I layed in bed for a long time timing and counting contractions. Finally, realizing I wasn't going back to sleep, both Kyle and I got up and watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and ate popcicles. I remember talking with Kyle about how I didn't know how anyone could sleep the night before they were going to have a baby, just because we were SO excited!!

I think we were scheduled to go in to the hospital around 6:00, so we headed out with my contractions about 10 minutes apart. I checked in a labor and delivery and I they gave me a clipboard with paperwork to fill out. I specifically asked if I should turn in my paperwork or hang on to it and the nurse told me it didn't matter. We were the first in the waiting room and a few other couples also scheduled to induce filed in the room. It turns out we should have turned that paper in because that's the order they ended up putting people in rooms and we were the last in the waiting room This happened to be the day of an earthquake in China so we watched the news footage and waited and waited, all the while contracting and getting a bit more uncomfortable.

By the time we finally got to our room is was probably about 7:30-8:00. My nurse Lisa was amazing. Pretty soon my doctor came in to break my water and get me hooked up to the monitors. When he got the monitors hooked up he asked me "Do you realize you are have contractions??". I told him yes as a matter of fact I do. He told me regardless I would have a baby by 8:00 that night or we could have a baby by 2:00 that afternoon if we went ahead with the pitocin. I didn't know anything since it was my first baby and without any thought at all, chose to have a baby as soon as possible. I was ready to meet my girl! He started a pretty fast drip of the pitocin and told me he would see me when I was ready to deliver. 

In the meantime, my nurse had told me when I first got to my room that if I wanted an epidural I needed to get on the list immediately.There was only one anesthesiologist on the floor for all labor and delivery, including C-sections. (yeah, it's still the most ridiculous thing when I think about it). So about an hour after the pitocin was started, a man rushes in to give me my epidural saying this "I don't have time to explain this to you, I've got a woman next door in a lot of pain so let's just get this going". He told me to lay on my side and curl up as tight as I could. It hurt very differently that I expected (and worse) and I remember jumping. The doctor left as fast as he came in and I waited for the medicine to kick in. Unfortunately the only place it did was from about my mid-thigh down and only on my right leg. 

For the next 3 hours I was in incredible pain.....the worst ever. Contractions were very close together and very long. I was completely unprepared in any kind of natural childbirth techniques. My natural reaction was to bear-up against the pain and try to hold my breath until it was over. Obviously I see now what a bad idea that was. Kyle was amazing....right there with me reminding me, making me breath. I made noises I never wanted to make and I got to the point of panic and I remember saying to Kyle.... "I can't do this...I can't do this".  As lovingly as he could he told me "you kind of have to do this" but we decided to get a 2nd epidural hoping it would work so we got back on the list. In the middle of all of this, my nurse told me that my doctor had ordered some IV pain meds (demorall and phenergen) that I went ahead and consented to. 

Sometime around noon, the lovely (not) anesthesiologist came back, not a lick nicer than the first time but with Kyle giving him threatening looks on his way out of the room (and holding back everything he had in him from punching the guy in the jaw), telling me that there was no guarantee a second epidural would work. I remember asking my mom (who was in the labor room with us the whole time) if she was praying and bless her heart, she had been in the corner of the room emailing everyone she could think of to pray for relief for me and that the 2nd would work. PRAISE THE LORD IT DID! Within 10 minutes, I was completely pain free. My mom left to give Kyle and I a few minutes together and we were both pretty emotional with the relief. 

I relaxed, dozed for a little bit (the phenergen had made me pretty sleepy and I was just realizing with the relief of the pain). Before I knew it, the nurse came in to check me and I was at a 10! She called the doctor who came in told my mom and Kyle to each hold a leg and we started pushing. I was not very good at pushing. My doctor had to tell me to "stop pushing with your face and push with your butt". Since I blissfully couldn't feel anything, I had a hard to telling my brain where to push. I ended up only pushing for 20 minutes. To this day, I don't know why, but at the very end, my doctor used the suction to get her out the rest of the way. I don't know if it's because I was a bad pusher, or because he was in a hurry, or for some other medical reason. Luckily this didn't cause any complications. He held up this purple, cheesy, screaming beautiful, 7lb 12oz 20.5 inch long (not 9lb) baby girl for me to see and then instructed Kyle on how to cut the cord. They took her to the warmer to clean her up and do her APGAR test and Kyle put her first diaper on her, all while my doctor was sewing me up. Boy was she screaming.

After what felt like forever, they finally handed her to me and I said "Hi, baby" and at the sound of my voice she immediately stopped crying and became very calm. I couldn't stop staring at her and the first thing I noticed about her was her eyelashes. These long beautiful eyelashes. I just never thought about babies having eyelashes before. 

We let family who had been waiting in the waiting room come meet her in the delivery room and I asked the nurse to call for a lactation specialist. I knew I wanted to nurse as soon as possible since she was so awake from delivery, but I was very nervous because I hadn't done it before and I wanted help. The LS did come and help and from the first latch, LK was an excellent nurser and I fell in love with nursing. 

We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights and from the get go, LK was on a 3 hour schedule and never wavered.

While the day went nothing like I had thought or dreamed and I learned a lot in hindsight for #2 and #3, it was one of the best days of my life. Being a mother is something I know God created me for and being Laura Kate Wiley's mother is a privilege and an honor. She brings me more joy than I could have ever imagined. 

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Holding A Newborn...

I'm really looking forward to holding a newborn again......

Not really looking forward to that hospital gown though.....

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