A Sassy Interview About Bringing Fischer Home

(the day after we brought Shepherd home from the hospital)

[All of the answers I typed exactly as she answered them. Enjoy!]

Do you think things are going to be different when Fischer is here?
mmm hmmm....

What do you think it will be like?
Probably a lot more poo poo and poo poo stink

Do you think Fischer is going to cry alot?
no, he won't have toothies to cry

How do you think Shepherd will feel?
I think he will be happy

How do you think Daddy will feel?

How do you think you will feel?
I think I will feel a little bit sad.

I don't know.

Do you like being a big sister?
I don't know.

How come?
I don't know.

How do you think mommy will feel?
I think you will feel sick.

Do you think I'll still be happy?
I think so.

Do you think mommy is a need a lot of help when Fischer is here?
mmmmhmmmm. Even when it's my bedtime.

Who do think will help mommy?
Daddy and Grammy and Papa. And me and Shepherd will play.  Maybe Grammy will play with Shepherd and me and Daddy and Papa can help you. That will be fun. I PROMISE it will. And then I won't have to go to bed.

What do you think the best part of Fischer coming home will be?
I think the BEST part will be seeing Grammy and Papa. Our house is so beautiful. Maybe on the night we can make our rooms clean so Grammy and Papa can see them.

What do you think the hardest part will be?
When Baby Fischer comes into the room. Because he will wake up if I laugh too hard. And I laugh REALLY loud. And I love him.

Is there anything else you'd like to talk about about Fischer coming home?
uh uh

Do you have any questions about bringing Baby Fischer home?
When are Grammy and Papa going to get here?

("awwww....that's a picture of me and my Grammy! I love her very much.)
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What I'm Taking to the Hospital

First, I have to tell you that this is one of these posts I'm not really writing for anyone else but me. One of the primary purposes of this blog is to serve as a Baby Book for me to look back on and I might want to know what I packed and why. All that to say, it's ok if you don't care about or don't want to read about what I'm packing for the hospital, just mosey on with your day.

Second, you should be forewarned that I am not going to sensor the girl stuff. So if words like "pads" and "mesh underwear"  freak you out, you should probably just skip this post and we can still be friends.

For everyone else, or just me, Here's what I'm packing for the hospital:

Since this is my 3rd time around, I feel like I know a little bit better this time what I will need for me and Fischer. It may not be what other people would want or need, but hopefully this will be sufficient and not superfluous.

For Labor:

  • Hair Ties 
  • Chapstick
  • My own pillow
  • Gilmore Girls Season 4, Book, and my phone that has several books and music on it

For Me:

  • Comfy Clothes/PJs: I am bringing a pair of charcoal pajama shorts and heather grey comfy pj pants. Having never delivered in the Summer before, I don't know if I will be hot or cold and I remember being both int he hospital with both LK and Shep. So I prepared for both. Also I am bringing a couple of nursing tanks (I like to wear my Be Maternity tanks as nursing better than I do other options.)Cardigan, to wear home. I will wear these as my going-home outfit as well. 
  • Nursing Bras: One sleeper, one regular
  • Nursing Pads: Even though my milk doesn't come in typically till I am home from the hospital, I don't like to get lanolin (or this time I am using coconut oil instead) on my bras so I use pads.
  • Boppy Pillow: Because nursing is a lot harder without it.
  • Nursing Cover: because people don't always obey the sign on the door
  • Undies: Because I like to wear my own undies home. I buy 'em big. And even though mesh undies are so, um, "airy", I like to be back in my own as soon as possible. 
  • Always pads: As thankful as I am for the massive pillows that are needed after delivery (especially the ones with ice packs in them!), I also prefer to get to the "ultra-thins" as soon as possible. 
  • Flip-Flops: to have to walk around in
  • Snacks: because every woman is a ravaging beast after she gives birth. Or maybe its just me. The cafeteria could not produce food fast enough for me.
  • Make-up: Yep. If you know me, you know that I don't go very many days without it. I'm going to feel gross enough and I will need something to help remind me that I am a girl and not a cow. 
  • Regular toiletries: toothbrush, paste, shampoo, hairbrush, dryer, straitener, etc....
For Fischer:
  • Carseat: because it's the law
  • 2 Onesies, 2 gowns: I know they provide you some kind of hospital shirt but they never look comfy or warm enough and definitely not cute enough. 
  • Socks/mittens: because every baby I have delivered or met has cold feet! and they scratch their own little faces!
  • Passies: I don't think our hospital provides them and we are fans!
  • Swaddle blankets: During our hospital tour they told us they are trying to do without blankets and are using sleep sacks instead. I believe in swaddling so I will be bringing the blankets!
  • Cute but practical going home outfit: Shep never got to wear his because we were just ready to get out of there and then it was too "fancy" to wear any other time. This time, we chose something that could be worn any day but is still super cute. Also it has leg holes (as opposed to a gown) to fit best in his carseat. 
For Kyle:

Since our hospital is 5 miles away this time, I'm not packing very much for him.  Just a clean shirt, boxers, and toothbrush.

For the Scouts:

I am putting together a Big Sis and Big Bro kit that will be a gift from Fischer to them. It will have a t-shirt and some special prizes in it. Hoping to get them put together in the next couple days and will post pictures when I do.

Anything you would add? 
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Fischer, 37 Weeks

Dear Fischer,

You are now considered a "full-term" baby! Congratulations! You probably weigh between 6 and 7 pounds right now. It feels like you weigh as much as small camel. You are still moving a lot but as of yesterday were still head down. Let's just keep it that way.

(37 Weeks)

Mommy: Is pretty much ready to not be pregnant anymore. And I'm making everyone around me ready for me not to be pregnant anymore too. I am nesting like a crazy person, am emotional, irrational, illogical, and irritable. I have Braxton Hicks contractions if I breath wrong, but  they aren't really doing anything other than making me miserable. Also, I am melting. Because the heat is so out of control hot right now. You and I are basically surviving on popcicles (and a little bit of water too). As uncomfortable as we both are (yes, I havn't forgotten you are running out of room either), I would really like for you to stay put until after 5 am next Friday July 6th.....that's when our fancy schmancy new hospital opens.

Daddy: Has incredible patience. He loves you and your siblings so much and he loves mommy even more. He serves me so well and does so much to help! I think he also holds his tongue quite a long when mommy asks him to do crazy things like rearranging furniture 30 minutes before bedtime. He also helps cook, keeps up with your brother and sister, rubs mommy's back, and continues to do everything he needs to do on a regular basis working so hard. 

** he has been telling a funny joke to people who comment on your and Shepherd's names being similar: He says if we ever have another boy after you, we are going to name him "Thesi" short for Anesthesiologist. (Just be glad you were born 3rd.)

The Big Sasster: I think is starting to realize that it's not going to be long till you are here. She is "acting out" a little bit emotionally and getting a little clingier to mommy. She typically does this when she senses a big change coming. 

The Moose: Is in his own world. He doesn't know what's coming!

The Nursery: Ready for you to arrive. We are so blessed with wonderful friends who celebrated you and blessed us with wonderful gifts!

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Dear Shepherd (15 Months)

Actually, he was 15 months on June 9th. I'm behind on a lot of things this month (sorry again mom! Your present is in the mail!)

Dear Shepherd,

Well I think its safe to say that you are not holding back on the personality. We have definitely gotten to know you a little bit better over the past few months. You have proven to be quite opinionated, smart, mischievous, and curious.

  • You weigh 24lbs 4oz (50%) and are 31.8 inches tall (75%)
  • You are wearing size 4 diapers, 18 month clothes, and size 4 shoes (when you wear them)
  • You walk everywhere like Jack Sparrow, swinging your hips and your hands
  • You finally decided it might be fun to clap and you will clap when something makes you happy
  • You also finally decided books are fun! You really like to turn the pages, point at things and also throwing books out of your bed still brings you great delight. You will even sit still long enough for us to read a few pages to you!
  • You still laugh at your sister sometimes, but most of the time right now she frustrates you by taking away the toys you want to play with (I've warned her that the day is coming when you will be able to fight back)
  • Even though you are comprehending a lot right now, you do not say very many words. You say dada a lot, mama when you are very very upset, every once in a while say "all done", you say "that" when you point at something you want, and you do a lot of yelling that is not comprehendable
  • You have developed quite a little temper when you want something and don't get it 
  • You tolerate baths as long as you can stand up, but really like to take showers with your daddy
  • Going outside is still your favorite thing to do above everything else
  • Your daddy is your favorite person ever, unless its the middle of the night and you have an upset tummy THEN you'll want mommy
  • You still don't like to eat vegetables unless they are in a pouch or pureed. You really don't like to eat a lot of things. You like ground beef, chicken nuggets, french fries, ritz crackers, applesauce, peaches, pears, oatmeal, yogurt, milk, water, and you THINK you would like anything anyone else has but you change your mind when it is put in your mouth
  • You get into anything and everything. The bathroom is your favorite place to sneak off to, although the tupperware cabinet, daddy's books and pens, and Fischer's room also happen quite frequently. 
We love you so much and are thoroughly enjoying learning to parent a boy!

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How to Wash Your Phone Book

My sister-in-law called me yesterday and when she started the conversation with, "I have a story for you that is bloggable", I knew it had to be good. She knows that stories like this should never be kept to yourself, especially when your sister-in-law has a blog where she likes to gab about real life, self-depricating stories. And let me just say this, I am so glad I am not the only one things like this happen to.....

Like many home occupants in current-day America, my brother and sister-in-law have fallen victim to the never ending phone book attack. Seriously, raise your hand if you even KNOW someone who has actually opened a phone book since 1998. Look around you. No hands. But it's like the people who make and deliver the books are living in dark ages. They constantly, quarterly, sometimes bi-quarterly, deliver more and more phone books to your front door. PEOPLE OF THE PHONE BOOK, I have one word for you: GOOGLE!!!

Ok, rant over. 

The bigger question for those of us who didn't raise our hand (all of us), is where to put said book? Well, my sister-in-law randomly put one on her dryer. Not a bad place, all things considered. Unfortunately, the book was knocked on the ground. In front of the washing machine. And unfortunately, dirty clothes got piled on top of the book.....

You see where this is going, don't you?

Don't worry, she sent pictures....

Ashley, next time, may I recommend Dry Cleaning??

Anyone else have a story that needs to be shared? Email me! 

Remind me sometime to tell you How to Wash a Baby Diaper. 

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When I Grow Up....

"Mommy, do you see those big piles of dirt over there?"


"When I grow up I want to be the person who dumps them there. What is that called?"

"You want to be a dump truck driver when you grow up?"

"Yes! That's what I want to be!"

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There are two things I am longing for right now.

Desperately wanting.

Really needing.

Makes me sick thinking about it I want them so bad.

And one of them is going to be a loooooooooooong time before I get it.

Cold Weather.

The other my husband flaunts in front of me every night as he instantly drops off to sleep.....

sleeping on my tummy.

Pray for me.
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The Hospital Tour

Before I talk about the hospital tour, there are a few things I need to get off my chest:

1. Shepherd officially decided to start clapping. I knew he was capable of it a long time ago but he has finally decided he wants to. So he walks through the house clapping to his own rhythm.

2. Kyle got a nasty sunburn in Mexico (along with a crazy stomach bug). His scalp and neck are peeling something awful right now and I find it amusing. (The massive flakes in his hair, not the burn or the bug).

3. I had to sort through my maternity clothes making a pile for the ones I can no longer wear anymore. You know you are huge when the ones you can't wear far outnumber the ones you can.

Last night, Kyle and I toured what we hope will be the birthplace of #3, the new Baylor Hospital in McKinney. It is scheduled to open at 5am on July 6th.


Let me just tell you. Let me tell you ALL about it.

First of all, walking in is like walking into the lobby of a fancy schmancey modern, contemporary hotel. It is beautiful. Because it hasn't opened yet, we were able to tour all of the NICU rooms, and even got to see inside a C-section room and recovery. Here are some of my favorite highlights we found out from the tour:

  • Top notch security. And their goal is that the baby is with you for everything. All tests that have historically taken baby away from mom to the nursery to be performed will be completed in the room with mom. (Not that I am opposed to sending baby to the nursery for a little sleep, but I have never felt completely comfortable when the nurse comes to take my baby away from me.)
  • In the L&D rooms, there is temperature control, MP3 hookup connected to speakers in the room, DVD player, large, stone/tile bathrooms including a shower with back-jets, large spacious rooms, a bed with tempurpedic mattresses, and maybe more. 
  • When you get to your post-partum room (just down the hall), they give you a robe and slippers....like at a spa. 
  • 2:00-4:00 is quiet time (yeah, the brochure actually calls it "cuddle time") which basically means no one is allowed to come to your room for tests, or birth certificates, or anything (you CAN still have visitors even though it is discouraged). At the end of "cuddle time", every day at 4:00, they will deliver hot, homemade chocolate chip cookies to your room. (this is the point in the tour with I screeched out loud "are you serious??". She was. She is. )
  • You don't have the scheduled meals like typical hospitals. You order off of a restaurant-style menu whenever you want to eat. And instead of them giving you a "fancy" salibury steak dinner on your last night, they give some kind of comfort meal to take home and cook at at your leisure. 
  • All of the nurses they have hired have at least 5 years experience nursing in LDR. This answers one of our biggest concerns because we know that delivering at a new hospital means working out kinks. And to be honest, I don't know if we would do it if this were our 1st baby. 
  • And then....just when I was overwhelmed at the wonderful ridiculousness of all of this, I was reading the brochure on the way home and saw this:

No. I'm not making any of this up. 

Crazy, right? 

If it weren't for the pain and trauma to my body in addition to the lack of sleep accompanied with this life change, you would think I was describing a spa! It is all a little ridiculous but I have to say I'm pretty excited about it. We already feel so blessed with how the Lord has provided for this sweet boy and ultimately we don't really care where he is born as long as it is safe and helps us deliver a healthy baby......but it's going to be pretty cool if we deliver here!!

You can see some pictures here. And watch a little mini tour before things were completed here:


So pray for Fischer to wait until after 5am on the 6th! Otherwise feel free to comment below for when you would like to sign up to bring me homemade cookies or come and give me a manicure just in case. :-)
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Nesting - A Four Letter Word

I've decided I don't like the word "nesting".  When I think of the word "nesting" I think of a happy little bird getting her nest ready for her eggs to hatch. I think of happy, non stressed little mommies dusting the crib with a feather duster while humming lullabies.

But my experience of nesting is not like that at all. Sure there are the happy moments of decorating a nursery. That's fun and for me, not stressful. Especially this time 10 weeks ago. But in my experience real nesting is maddening and frustrating. It is a panic that sets in about 4-6 weeks before I deliver. The wheels in my brain start spinning furiously with things that need to be done before the baby comes. The majority of these things have nothing to do with the baby and are not fun and to anyone else may seem utterly ridiculous. Like cleaning out the freezer, buying a new toilet seat, and cleaning out a craft closet. All of which have been happily lived with for the past 6 months in the current state they are in. But to me, the thought of them not getting done sends me into an emotional and mental panic until they are accomplished.

The problem comes when the things that need to be done are not accompanied by the ability or energy to complete them. Sorting laundry takes my breath away, cleaning the shower makes my back ache, and cooking meals makes me sweat like I just took a shower. Much less, cleaning out large appliances and reorganizing closets.

The other problem, the bigger problem is that I don't always think things through before I try to tackle them. Today, I almost hurt myself (and Fischer), broke his changing table and really scared Kyle, all because I was trying to get something from the top of his closet. I know now that it was a really dumb idea. I am really upset with myself for even trying it. And after talking with Kyle I have promised him to not do anything remotely like that again without thinking through and discussing it with him first. (Seriously mom, I know.) Especially when he is so wonderful and willing to do anything I need done.

It is just infuriating to me to not be able to do things that I am used to being able to do. Because I weigh a million pounds. Because my balance is off (ok, when is it ever on?), because I don't want to have to wait on anyone else's time table to get it done and I don't want to have to explain to anyone why the dirt on the top of the blinds on the top of window needs to be cleaned off right now or I won't be able to sleep tonight.  

Anyway, I really have agreed to not do anything else stupid that is within my power to rationally think through and discuss first. I really am upset with myself for even trying. And I'm even more ready for this baby to be here now.


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Ya'll, it's HOT. And it's not even July. Ugh. The verdict is in and I do not like being very pregnant in the Summer.  Do not be fooled by the somewhat smile on my blue face in the above picture.

 Some people are loving the Summer.

Gosh those are cute kids and one studly beast of a man! At least THEY look cute in swimsuits right now. 

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Hide Em In Your Heart (And Away From Your Kids)

I would like to affectionately dedicate this post to my dad. (hehe).

I got the best surprise in the mail this past week from my favorite twin sister. Really. The Best. Just because. Just because surprises really are the best, aren't they?

After realizing I hadn't checked the mail that day, I went to the mailbox at about 9:00 on Tuesday night and THIS is what was in it:


This CD, well actually it wasn't a CD back then, this TAPE, has a very very special soft cozy place in my childhood. Over and Over my mother would play this tape. Over and over I would sing these songs. Because of this Tape, I learned memory verses (and won awards at VBS) and to this day still sing these songs whenever I come across one of the verses.

Now, yall, if I were to come across this CD as an adult and did not have that very very special soft cozy place in my heart for this music, I might just choke and gag on the cheeeese. But the truth is, I do have a very very special soft cozy place in my heart for this music. And always will. And so will my kids if Aunt Sassy and I have anything to do with it. 

But there is a chance that creating that very very special soft cozy place in my children's heart for this CD will come back to bite me in the butt........

I should know. Because of the day the Lord used me to sing scripture into my Father's life. 

We were at a Texaco. Kids in the back seat, parents in the front. And a car comes up behind us, parks and has the audacity to leave their bright lights on shining into our car while the driver of said vehicle went inside to the convenience store. 

Irritating as this was, it apparently infuriated my dad. So when the driver came back out, my dad decided that the best course of action was to drive around and park behind this car shining his brights into his back window before heading into the store himself.

When he got back in the car, without a premeditated plan, his sweet, God-fearing children began singing this song to their father:


Parenting is sanctifying, isn't it?

(I can just see my dad plotting his "what goes around comes around" speech for me when the Sasster tries something like this on me.....It's ok, Dad, I know it's coming).

(By the way, Joel if you are reading this, Cassie was going to send you a copy as well but you did not get her your address in time.)

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Fischer's Nursery

Of the 3 nurseries I have decorated, I have to say that this one is my favorite. I spent the least amount of money and mostly everything I used was something we already had in the house that I re-purposed for his room. Everything just came together to create a wonderfully peaceful place that I can't wait to put a newborn baby in!

I have pretty much had his room ready for about 10 weeks now I just keep tweaking and adding a few things here and there. And let me just tell you, it's a good thing I did because there is no way I would have the energy to do it now.

Please don't judge me on my iphone 3GS photography. Also, the lighting is weird in this room so there are a couple you may have to squint to get the general idea. You're welcome.

This is the view from the door. 

This is just to the right of the crib, still the view from the door.

Up close of his mobile and crib.
I crafted the mobile from these string lights I found at target. I took off the little wooden "globes" and hung them with yarn from the same mobile frame I used to make Shep's mobile.

You might remember these from this post. They were a free printable that I found here. Still love 'em.

These are the frames/prints that I made. I first posted them here.

This is the view from the window/crib/chair. The empty frame will hold his canvas that I am painting with his verse on it.  Hoping for some energy to do that this weekend. 

This is Fischer's "dresser". Clothes are in the drawers. I will put his monthly pictures in the bubble frame.

Rhino pillowcase I made. I found a $2 sheet in the clearance bin at IKEA, sewed it into a pillowcase. I traced the rhino and painted it on.

I have his changing table in the closet. I hung up a curtain to hide some other storage stuff and I plan on adding a few decorative touches in there to make it a little more comfy.

There you go! Pictures just don't do it justice, especially my pictures! But, what do you think??
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Fischer, 35 weeks

Dear Fischer,

I think you weigh very close to 6lbs right now. The only thing I can think to compare your weight to this week is a baby. You are still quite a mover and a shaker but I can tell that you are running out of room. And the very unfortunate thing about it all is that mommy is running out of room to give you.

(35 Weeks) (gosh that's a big belly)

Mommy: is starting to be ready to have you on the outside of her rather than the inside. I have heartburn every time I breath, have achy legs, back, and hips, pee every 10 minutes, am tired all the time and am not sleeping too great because of all of the above reasons. I told the doctor I think I will carry you to 40 weeks just like your siblings and I at this point I do not want to induce, but if I am sitting on his table at 40 weeks I might be singing a different song. You've got 5 weeks buddy. 

Daddy: as we speak just landed on his last campaign this Summer from Mexico. He should be here in an hour and will walk in to a very special surprise birthday party that your Sasster has worked very hard on. Get ready, your parties will be incredible if she has anything to say about it.

Sasster: Is getting very very ready to meet you. She just felt you move in my tummy. 

Moosey Brother: is getting very opinionated and continually clingy to mommy. There's a chance he's not going to like you very much at first because you might take away some of his mommy attention. Don't worry about it though, there's enough mommy to go around and I have full confidence you will be the best of friends very very soon.

The Nursery: is basically done. I just keep coming up with new fun little things to add. Hoping to add pics later today. 

I love you. Let the countdown to your Birthday commence!! 

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Bedtime Prayer

"Dear Jesus, please help Daddy's airplane come home safe and have fun. Amen. Oh and one more thing: please tell my daddy that I love him."
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Freezer Dump Meals

Ok Y'all, I think we would all agree that this is far from a food blog. I would label it a "Adventure and Survival" Family blog. But this post will fall under both.

I made some Freezer Dump Meals this morning in about 30 minutes to stock up some for when after Fischer is born. That's called SURVIVAL, people. I plan on making more but I also know that taking a whole day to stock my freezer is not in my budget either for time, energy, or finances. So I'm just doing it a few things at a time.

I made 3 bags each of 2 recipes today. I've adapted 2 recipes that I know my family already loves and turned them into freezer dump (crock pot) meals. Here's what I made:

Italian Dump Chicken

I mixed up the following dry Italian dressing ingredients in a tupperware container:

  • 1 tablespoon garlic salt
  • 1 tablespoon onion powder
  • 1 tablespoon white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 tablespoon dried parsley
  • 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
  • 2 tablespoons salt

In a bowl, I mixed 3 tablespoons of the above dry mixture and 1/3 c. of white vinegar.  I then added one can of cream of chicken soup. 

I put 3 unfrozen chicken breasts in a gallon ziplock and poured the mixture over it. I squished everything around to make sure the sauce coated the chicken and I stuck it in the freezer (I made 3 of these).

To Cook:
Put frozen bag in Fridge overnight to thaw and marinate. Dump the bag in your crock pot the next morning and add a block of cream cheese (I think it would still be good without the cream cheese, but I like the creaminess! I went ahead and bought the cream cheese and labeled the block so I knew not to use it for something else. They don't expire till October, otherwise I would have frozen them

). Cook 4-6 hours on high or 6-8 on high. Serve over cooked pasta of your choice.

Comfort Meatballs

***This recipe is an adaptation from The Pioneer Woman's Recipe, you can find it here or in her fabulous first cookbook. (Note: She has no idea who I am, but the cookbook is wonderful enough to tell everyone you know about.)***

The original recipe makes its own meatballs from scratch. That is something that is also not in my energy budget to do. So I buy frozen meatballs. The kind I got was from Target and they are actual "meat"balls. The only reason I got those over just plain ole Italian Meatballs was because they were about 50 cents cheaper. 

So I mixed up the sauce (slightly altered from TPW because my husband doesn't like onions and I don't like tobasco)

1 c. ketchup
2 tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
3 tbsp. Vinegar
2 tbsp. Sugar
3 tbsp. Onion Powder

I opened the bag of frozen meatballs and switched them over to a gallon ziplock. Poured the sauce over them. Swished them around in the sauce and stuck them in the freezer. (Made 2 of these).

To Cook:
Put frozen bag in the Fridge overnight. Dump in your crock pot. You only need to heat these up. So they will  only take a couple hours  (if that) in your crock pot. You could easily heat them in the oven or on the stove in a saucepan. They are meant to be like meatloaf kind of meatballs, not like spaghetti meatballs. 

I typically serve them with mashed potatoes and green beans. I plan on stocking up on some frozen, "steam in the bag" green beans, and some refrigerated mashed potatoes (pre-made) that I will store in the freezer labeled with Comfort Meatballs so I will know what meal to serve it with.

Both of these are favorites in this family's house and were SUPER easy to make into freezer meals. It took about 30 minutes for 6 meals. And about 15 minutes to blog about it.  
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What do you love more than Jesus?

On the way home from church yesterday,  the Sasster was in fine form. Overflowing with drama and whine. Wanting her blankies. And not wanting a lot of things. Then she makes the statement:

"I love my blankies more than I love Jesus."

An honest, revealing statement from her sinful little heart. Idolatry in its simplest form.

My response went something like this: "Well baby, the Bible tells us to love Jesus more than anything so sometimes we have to choose to love Jesus more even though we don't feel like it."

Kyle's response was this: "Laura Kate, who gave you your blankies? (God did.) Ok. Do you know how much mommy and daddy love you? (SOOO much!) That's right. We love you SO much. Did you know that God gave you to us? (uh huh). We love you SO much, but we love God more because he gave you to us."

It has me thinking this morning.....about my own little idol-factory: my heart. You see, we were all born for one purpose: to worship our Creator. The problem comes when we worship things other than our creator. We will always worship something, but sometimes, a lot of the time, we will worship other things first. Because it's easier. Because it's faster. Because it feels better. Regardless, we all do it.

My response to her, not that it was un-true, may not be the most helpful. Sometimes it is true that we just have to set our mind, heart, and will to do something and just do it. However, Kyle's response to her helps us get a little bit better idea on where our hearts stray: We take our eyes off the Giver and place them on the gift.

Is it sin for my 4-year old to find comfort in her blankies? Fundamentally, no. In fact, a lot of times it is a very good thing.  As long as they don't take the place of comfort from Jesus. So often our idols are made and born from good desires. But there comes a time, often enough, when there is a subtle (and not so subtle) shift in our prioritizing and we shift those things as equal or above the gift-Giver. We turn to creation for comfort instead of the Creator. And that my friends, is idolatry.

And I am guilty of this. I find comfort in things like words from other people, in obedient, compliant children, in a full tummy, in a clean house, in "me" time, in worship songs I want to sing, in bubble baths, in my blankies.... All, when broken down, not bad things. But so often, I seek these things first instead of seeking the Giver of these things. So often, I seek these things more than the Giver of these things.

Laura Kate's statement was honest and true. You see I don't doubt that Laura Kate loves her blankies more than Jesus. She's not old enough to make her sin look pretty yet. So she honestly revealed her heart. But I think there is something in that child-like statement that the Lord looks at and says, "I can do something with that."

So what are your blankies? What do you seek for comfort? What do you love more than Jesus?

Would you join me in honestly confessing them with a child-like heart today and turning to the Giver and the Creator for your comfort instead?
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